Working on a Green Out of the USA Map

Thanks to all of you, we're off to a great start!  In little over a month's time, we are well over 200 downloads!  With our current download rate and doing a bit of math, we conservatively expect Takedown score over 100,000 high school matches this season!  Wow.

The top states for downloads are:

  • Tied for 1st:  California and Minnesota
  • 3rd: Indiana
  • 4th: Georgia
  • Tied for 5th:  Pennsylvania and Ohio

Remaining users are sprinkled across 22 other states as shown in this map:

We also have a user in Stuttgart, Germany!

Many thanks to all who've downloaded the app.  Don't forget to send us your ideas for how we might improve Takedown!  We read and consider all suggestions.

Good luck this season.

Takedown by LevelChanger. Available on the App Store

Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, generating stats, managing teams and engaging fans via social media.

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