User Tip: Takedown can be the "official" Scorebook for NFHS Dual Meets

As part of Release 1.4, we've revised the Match Scoring report in a number of ways:

  • First points scored are circled
  • Match end-time is automatically recorded
  • Name is changed from Match Scoring to Scorebook

Additionally, in the Reports section, tapping the sharing arrow in the upper right hand corner offers some new choices including "Open in...". With this capability, the Scorebook report can be opened in a variety of PDF-compatible apps, many of which support document signing.

Revised Scorebook Report

Here's the revised Scorebook report with first points circled and match end time recorded:

Tapping the arrow in the upper right corner reveals some new options:

Selecting "Open in..." brings up a list of apps that are compatible with the Scorebook's PDF format:

Signing the Scorebook

From this list, I choose Adobe Reader.  It has a freehand drawing tool which is perfect for adding a signature to a PDF document.   Here are the steps to add the signature.

Tap the pen in the navigation bar and then, again, tap the pen in the navigation bar (just to the right of the 'T'):

Ask the referee to sign the scorebook with his finger or, if you have one, an iPad stylus (like this one):

Remember to "Save" in the upper right corner.  That's it, you're official! From here you can use Adobe Reader to organize, print and email you Scorebooks.  The app Notability can also be used to sign and organize your Scorebooks.  From our perspective, Notability has better freehand drawing and sharing features.  You'll need to decide what works for you.

So, if you ever wanted to go "officially" paperless, we have your back with Release 1.4. Start using Takedown today and say goodbye to your paper scorebooks!

Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, recording video, creating stats, managing teams and rosters, and engaging fans via social media. Download from the App Store.

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