Takedown Tips and Tricks #1

We use Takedown...a lot.  Two of us are also high school coaches. Here are a few tricks we've discovered to get the most out of Takedown.

Use the Roster to Keep Track of Everyone

The Roster section was designed to manage a list of wrestlers.  But, we use it to keep track of everyone associated with the team!  It's great to have all the contact information in one place.  To maintain some separation between the wrestlers and everyone else, we created another Season called "Coaches and Managers" and put all of the associated contact info into the Roster for that Season.

Post Live Results to Facebook

Takedown doesn't have a way to post live results to Facebook yet.  But, there's an obscure Twitter feature that, when enabled, will automatically post your Tweets to your team's Facebook account

You'll need to link a Facebook account to your Twitter account and that's accomplished in your Twitter Profile, way down at the bottom. The feature is a little flakey and we've had mixed results getting it to work reliably.  Admittedly, our environment is a bit complex as we use all of our accounts for testing and development.  You might be more successful.

Go Big Time with a Flat Panel Tripod Stand

If you're using the Scoreboard feature, this one's for you.  We've purchased an inexpensive flat panel tripod stand onto which we mount our scoreboard display.  

This is the one we have, but there are lots of choices out there.  Not only does this stand look great, but it moves the monitor off of the scoring table where it can sometimes block your view.  Don't forget to get a longer HDMI cable to use with the stand or, if you're really slick, just use a wireless connection with AppleTV and AirPlay

Use Cloud Storage for Sharing Seasons

Takedown makes it easy to share scoring data via email.  You can also use cloud storage, such as Dropbox or Google Docs, for sharing data.  Just upload the Season that you'd like to share to your favorite cloud storage location, go to your iPad and open the associated app and tap on the file name.  You should see the "Open in..." dialogue appear with Takedown as the first choice.  Just tap Takedown and the import process will start.

Get a Keyboard/Case Combo and a Stylus

We previously mentioned putting your iPad into a keyboard/case and it is worth repeating here.  Other than Takedown, a keyboard/case is the single most important accessory you can add to your iPad in the wrestling environment.  It makes typing easier and, more importantly, protects your iPad when you accidentally drop it on the gym floor.  And, you will drop it on the gym floor.  Also helpful is a stylus, available from many online and retail sources.  Recently, we purchased a set of six for $1.50 each!  Inexpensive enough that you won't feel bad if one gets misplaced or drops under the stands at a tournament.

That's it for our Tips and Tricks this month.  Have fun and send us your Tips and Tricks!

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