Win an iPad Case/Keyboard Combination in December!

If you're interested in winning an iPad case/keyboard combo, then see our post from

last month, December's Takedown Takeaway!, for all the details.

Based on activity during the last week of November, the top ten teams going into December are (in alphabetical order):

  • Brown County High School, Kentucky
  • Chicago High School For Agricultural Science, Illinois
  • Dumas, Texas
  • Fort Mill, South Carolina
  • Geneva, Illinois
  • Glacier Peak High School, Washington
  • Lockport Township HS, Illinois
  • Mt Zion, Georgia
  • Ridgefield High School, Washington
  • Trinity Catholic High School, Florida

Of course, what happened in November has no bearing on the contest, so any team can win!

We'll provide updates during the month and we are looking forward to sending out this fabulous keyboard/case combo to some lucky user in early January.  Happy grappling!

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