Five Ways Takedown Can Engage and Build Your Fan Base

Few scholastic wrestling programs have enough engaged and committed fans.  We have a lot of technique and passion, but not enough people in the bleachers.  Recently, we're hearing more about marketing wrestling and various groups are training coaches to do just that.  Still, many coaches don't do much marketing -- it's hard work and seemingly tangential to getting the next win.  Yet, absent a large, engaged fan base wrestling will not thrive.  Marketing our sport is essential to its future.  Here are five ways Takedown can help.

#1: Throw Your Paper Scorebook in the Trash

If you aren't using Takedown Scoring and Stats (or something similar) you are doing your program and wrestling a disservice.  Paper scorebooks are not fan accessible. They gather dust in a desk drawer or file cabinet and are useless from a marketing perspective.  

It's even worse:  scoring by pencil and paper consumes more time than electronic scoring.   Spending more time, deriving fewer benefits doesn't sound like a winning combination.  Ditch your paper scorebook today and don't look back.  You won't regret the decision.

#2: Email Stats to your Fans and Media

Fans love stats!  Feed team/athlete stats to your fans.  With Takedown, emailing statistical reports is simple.  Go to the Reports view, select any of the nine reports,

tap the sharing button in the upper right hand corner and enter recipients' email addresses.  Easy.  Also, remember than your athletes and their parents are your biggest fans -- feed them.  Finally, don't forget the media -- local newspapers and national wrestling press are hungry for content.  Get the email addresses of your local media and send them a Box Score after every competition.  With respect to national wrestling press,  Wrestling USA will post your results to its website.  Send your Box Score to

#3: Connect via Social Networking

Post your stats to program-affiliated Twitter and Facebook accounts.  These accounts are free and easily obtained.  In Takedown's Report view, create the report of interest and use the iPad's ability to turn your screen into a photo.  Use the iPad's build in Photo app to share any of these screen shots directly to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Sharing live results on Twitter is simple, too.  If you already have Twitter configured on your iPad, then go into Takedown's Settings view and turn Twitter on.

That's it!  Your live match results with automatically post to your team's Twitter timeline.  When you want to stop, turn Twitter off in Takedown's Settings.  Getting your team's live results out to a potentially large audience couldn't be easier!   And, for those of you with advanced social networking skills, take advantage of Twitter's cross-posting capability to post your live results automagically to your team's Facebook account.  Again, another free capability that expands your audience with no incremental effort.

#4:  Fundraising: small contributions, big revenue

In today‚Äôs economic environment, many scholastic wrestling programs struggle with funding.  Fundraising is hard work and often the effort expended is large

relative to funds raised.  And, to the point here, many fundraisers don't create fans.

Ideally, we'd prefer fundraisers with these characteristics:

  • Low cost/high reward
  • Continuous, rather than single event
  • Expands the fan base

Fortunately, Takedown can help you implement a fund raising program with these characteristics. Learn more here.

#5:  Get Parents to Keep Score

Scoring a wrestling match with a tablet or laptop can be fun.  Takedown does not allow scoring sequences that would be prohibited by rule, thus reducing errors (and scorer anxiety!) in a way not possible with pencil and paper.  In addition, Takedown's Match Scoring interface displays a very clean and readable scoring grid.  Lastly, when the time comes for a wrestler to move on to the next level, creating and emailing career statistics is trivially simple, a few taps in the Report view, and inexpensive(*).  Try doing that with a paper scorebook.  Scorekeeping parents are more than that -- they are engaged and enthusiastic fans who will happily show or email their child's stats to anyone who will listen!

(*) For a 300 match high school wrestler, Takedown can be used to score every match for less than the cost of a mid-grade manual scorebook, about $16 total.

These are just a few ways that electronic scoring in general and Takedown in particular can help you build a fan base.  We need more bottoms in seats for our sport to prosper. What's keeping you from starting today?

Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, recording video, creating stats, managing teams and rosters, and engaging fans via social media. Download from the App Store.

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