Off Season Ideas

The high school season is over and we hope your team enjoyed every success on and off the mat.  Hopefully, you had a chance to use Takedown for scoring matches and are now basking in the warm glow of a robust statistical view of your team and individual wrestlers.  The off season is a chance to tune up and get ready for next year.  Here are some suggestions for getting even more out of Takedown next season:

  • Gather up your paper score books (before they're forever relegated to your bottom desk drawer) and enter whatever matches you didn't score last season. In fact, you don't need to do it -- get a wrestler, manager, parent volunteer or one of your children to do it! The more data Takedown has, the more useful its statistical reports. With the new features we're adding, having more data will be even more beneficial. We're coaches, too, and have scored about 1,100 matches over two seasons. The trends and tendencies become obvious at this level. Time to transcribe a 14 match dual meet from paper to Takedown? 10 minutes give or take.

  • Get comfortable with advanced features. Trying to learn these features during the heat of competition can be daunting. No pressure now -- take your time. For example: create a dummy dual meet on the NWCA website and learn how to have Takedown upload your weigh in data. Get comfortable with that feature -- it'll save you precious late night time next season. Another example: create a Twitter account and use Takedown's Twitter feature to post live scoring results to your Twitter timeline. Your fans will be wowed! Finally, if you'd like to save $600, get familiar with Takedown's scoreboard feature which converts a standard flat panel computer monitor into a table-top scoreboard for about $40. Another wow! feature that coaches, wrestlers and officials will really appreciate.

  • Recruit a colleague to use Takedown. The more users in your area, the better. You can learn from each other and share rosters. Are there any users in your area? See our user map and the list of every event scored by Takedown last season in each state.

  • If you had a genie, what feature would you wish for in Takedown? Most of what we add is user-driven. We read and consider every request. Or, simply email your request to .

These are just a few ideas for getting more value from Takedown next season.  You'll find more throughout this blog.


Have fun and stay in touch.

Takedown Team



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