October To Do List -- Getting Ready for the New Season

What are you doing this month to get ready for the upcoming season?  Here's our October "to do" list.

1. Create a New Season

On the Schedule page, tap Seasons in the upper left corner, then tap Add Season.  "2014 - 2015" might be a good name, but it's up to you.  Set your Season's Start and End Dates.  Then, tap on your new Season to make it the current Season.

2. Add your Schedule

On the Schedule page with your new Season selected, tap "Add an Event" to create your schedule.  If you're a returning user, Takedown remembers your previous opponents and tournaments.  For dual meets, select your opponent from the pop-up list.  For tournaments, start typing the event name and, if you've previously attended that tournament the name will pop up.

3. Add or Edit your Roster

If you're a new user, add your wrestlers on the Roster page.  If you used Takedown last season, then delete non-returning wrestlers and add new ones. Rosters can be updated by importing information contained in a spreadsheet.  Click here for more details on importing rosters.

4. Import your Opponent Rosters

If, like us, you don't like typing wrestler names, especially in the heat of battle, then import your opponent rosters in advance.  We have a database of thousands of team rosters available in the app.

5. Define Custom Weight Classes and Period Lengths

By default, Takedown uses NFHS (or NCAA for college) weight classes and period lengths.  If you need different weight classes or period lengths, go to the Settings page and tap "Create Weight Classes" or "Create Periods" and customize to suit your requirements.  Many high school tournaments have different period lengths for consolation matches or junior varsity events, so you can define those period durations ahead of time.

6. Add your Twitter Profiles to your iPad

Takedown can stream live scoring to your Twitter account.  First, in the iPad Settings app, add those social networking accounts to the iPad on which you use Takedown.  When you're ready to stream live scoring, in Takedown Settings, tap "Post Scoring to Social Networks" and enable Twitter or Facebook or both.  Include a custom hashtag, e.g. #tigerwrestling, if you'd like.  No typing necessary, Takedown posts the results automatically to your accounts. [Note: some of this detail has been superseded by upgrades to the app and Apple iOS] 

7. Get Comfortable with Data Sharing

At tournaments, multiple wrestlers from your team might be wrestling at the same time.  Score each match on a different iPad and then share and combine the data.  Learn the basics of Takedown data sharing by clicking here.  If you're a Dropbox user, click here for a brief tutorial on using Takedown with Dropbox for data sharing and consolidation.

8. Be the Coolest Program in your League

If you like manual flip chart-style scoreboards or multi-thousand dollar dedicated wrestling scoreboards, this one isn't for you.  But, if you want to spend a few hundred dollars for a professional-style scoreboard, then learn about Takedown's Scoreboard feature.  Using standard (and inexpensive) computer monitors, you can do this:

Takedown Scoreboard on 22" monitor
Takedown Scoreboard on 22" monitor

Learn more here.

9. Get an iPad Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

That Apple iPad roll up cover is cute, but it won't help when you drop your iPad on a gym floor (we have personal experience on this).  There are many rugged iPad keyboard/cases on the market -- invest in one.  You'll be more productive with a keyboard and less concerned about cracking your iPad screen on the hardwood.

That's it for October.  Time to get to work!

Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, generating stats, managing teams and engaging fans via social media.

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