November To Do List -- The Season's Almost Here!

If you got through October's to-do list, here's what we suggest for November.

Fill Out Your Roster

On the Roster page, have your manager fill out all the athlete contact information and weight certification data.   If you have this information in a spreadsheet, it's easy to import into Takedown.  Click here for instructions.

Score Challenge Matches

Use Takedown to score pre-season wrestle-offs.  Keep challenge and competition matches separate by putting all of your challenge matches into their own Season.  Your returning managers will appreciate the opportunity to see Takedown's new features in action.  New managers will appreciate getting to know the app before a live (and potentially stressful) event.  And, coaches and athletes will like having a permanent record of their challenge matches!

Try out Twitter and Scoreboard

Last month you setup a Twitter handle on your iPad.  Try it out this month by Tweeting (or posting to Facebook) your challenge matches!  Your fans will love getting the results.  Here's a tutorial on how easy it is to have Takedown post your live match results to Twitter.  You can also setup a simple Takedown scoreboard and get familiar with how to configure and use this (very cool) feature.

Look at the FAQs

Our website has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list compiled from customer inquiries.  It's full of helpful information.  Head over there and take a quick look.

Devise a Tournament Strategy

In tournament competition, you'll often have different wrestlers competing simultaneously. Will you use one iPad or multiple iPads?  With one iPad, ask someone else to score the additional matches on paper and then transfer those results to Takedown.  With two or more iPads, learn about combining Takedown data from multiple iPads into a consolidated Takedown database.

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Almost time to wrestle!  Be prepared!

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