User Tip: Twitter Tips and Tricks #1

Here are a few tips and tricks for using Twitter to stream live Takedown scoring to your fans:

  1. Get a Twitter account for your team!  Free and easy ( and a great way to keep your fans informed and excited!
  2. Send an email to all of your fans (don't forget current parents) giving them your team's Twitter "handle".  It's in the form:  @myteam .
  3. If you have a Facebook team page, post your Twitter handle and let Followers know when you're doing live score streaming.
  4. Twitter Custom Hashtags (1)
  5. Add a custom hashtag to your Takedown live score streaming!  These hashtags will appear in all of your Takedown-generated scoring Tweets and will help your fans find you on Twitter.  Here's what this looks like in Takedown and a real world example of what it looks like on Twitter:

For more information on streaming Takedown live scoring to Twitter, see:

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