User Tip: Twitter Tips and Tricks #2

Here are more tips and tricks for streaming live Takedown scoring to your fans:

Custom Hashtag with Twitter Handle
Custom Hashtag with Twitter Handle
  1. Automatically send your results to a specific Twitter user.  This is an efficient method for sending your match and dual meet scores to Twitter users who collect wrestling results for a specific area, such as a state or a conference.   For example, the Twitter handle @KSontheMAT publishes wrestling results for all of Kansas.  If you're a Kansas-based user, add "@KSontheMAT" to your custom hashtag in Takedown Settings:
  2. Post your Takedown live scoring to your team website using an embedded Twitter timeline.  This is easier than it sounds because Twitter provides an easy-to-use tool that creates the code for your web page.  Click here for instructions on creating an embedded timeline.  If your web site is on Word Press, adding your Twitter timeline is even easier.  Click here for adding a Twitter timeline to your WordPress website.   Also, here's a real-world example (Independence Wrestling, Iowa) of embedding your Twitter timeline on a team website.  Click here.  Live scoring on your team web site is very cool and your fans will love it!
  3. Posting the Leaderboard on Twitter
  4. Post your stat reports to your Twitter timeline.  Currently, Takedown does not support posting your stat reports -- Scorebook, Box Score, Leaderboard, etc. -- directly to your Twitter timeline from within our app.  We'll fix that at some point.  In the meantime, in Takedown simply generated the report that you'd like to post and take a screen shot, then go to the iPad Photos app and find the screen shot and post it to your Twitter timeline.  Here's a video on how to do this.  Also, here's an example from a Takedown user, Glenpool Wrestling in Oklahoma:

For more information on streaming Takedown live scoring to Twitter, see:

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