Which Live Scoring Platform is Best for you and your Fans?

Takedown Scoring and Stats offers two methods for real-time sharing of match and event results to your fans:

  1. Posting to popular social networks (Twitter and Facebook)
  2. Posting to Takedown LIVE, the fan-focused companion app to Takedown Scoring and Stats

These methods aren't mutually exclusive -- as a Takedown Scoring and Stats user you can publish your scoring to Twitter, Facebook and Takedown LIVE simultaneously -- and they are all free and automatic.  Takedown LIVE and Twitter are easiest to configure,  Facebook slightly more demanding but still straightforward.  In middle and high schools, public or student Wifi  networks often block social media traffic and this makes Takedown LIVE the only reliable option.  We recommend enabling Twitter, Facebook and Takedown LIVE to give your fans the most options for following your team.

Differences on the Fan Side

Here are the differences in the various live scoring posting methods from the consumer (e.g. fan), perspective:

Appearance -- Social Media

These are examples of what your fans will see on Twitter and Facebook.

Streaming results to social media offers your fans basic access to match and event information via familiar platforms.  For a fan, these posts appear on their timeline (if they "follow", "friend" or "like" your account) co-mingled with other posts they receive from various sources.

Appearance -- Takedown LIVE

As a dedicated wrestling app, Takedown LIVE offers a totally different fan experience.  Here are examples from Takedown LIVE:

With Takedown LIVE, fans see detailed scoring action in near real-time and can access up to 30 days of historical data for any team.  Refresh rates are user selectable as are notifications about an event or match starting.  Follow a single team or multiple teams and see the action in a format familiar to serious wrestling fans.


For a Takedown Scoring and Stats user, we suggest enabling both social media and Takedown LIVE to satisfy the needs of all your fans. Let your fans choose the platform that best fits their needs. Share this post with your fans and let them make their own decision.

For a tutorial on enabling Twitter, click here.
For a tutorial on enabling Facebook, click here.
For a tutorial on enabling Takedown LIVE, click here.

Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, generating stats, managing teams and engaging fans via social media.

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