Differences Between Posting to Takedown LIVE and Twitter

Takedown Scoring and Stats offers two features for sharing match and event results:

  1. Twitter

  2. Takedown LIVE

These methods aren't mutually exclusive -- as a Takedown Scoring and Stats user you can publish your scoring to Twitter and Takedown LIVE simultaneously -- and they are all free and automatic. We recommend enabling Twitter and Takedown LIVE to give your fans the most options for following your team.

Twitter vs Takedown LIVE

  • Throttling: Twitter limits the number Tweets published by all Takedown users over a given time period. This is called “throttling.” We don’t throttle Takedown LIVE — we control the platform and make the rules.
    Advantage: Takedown LIVE

  • Device compatibility: Twitter runs on all mobile and desktop platforms. Takedown LIVE is available on iOS devices only.
    Advantage: Twitter

  • Timeliness: Twitter posts can take up to a minute to appear. Scoring appears on Takedown LIVE typically within one second.
    Advantage: Takedown LIVE

  • Content: Twitter posts contain event start, match score and dual team score. Takedown LIVE contains every scoring action, real-time match and riding time clocks with one second resolution, and notifications of upcoming matches and final scores.
    Advantage: Takedown LIVE

  • Flexibility: Twitter allows free-form content within its native constraints so that users can interleave other content — text, photos & video - with Takedown-generated scoring Tweets. Also, you can add a custom #hashtag to your Takedown-generated Tweets. With Takedown LIVE customization includes logo, background color, team name and embedded match video..
    Advantage: tie (though tagging a Takedown LIVE match with video is pretty neat…)

  • Reliability:  In middle and high schools, public or student Wifi networks often block Twitter. Takedown LIVE isn’t blocked.
    Advantage: Takedown LIVE

  • Cost: auto-posting to Twitter and Takedown LIVE is free for the publishing Takedown Scoring and Stats user as well as the consumer (fan).
    Advantage: tie

  • Effort: negligible for Twitter and Takedown LIVE. Flip the switch in Takedown Scoring and Stats and they both work without any attention.
    Advantage: tie

  • Advertising: Twitter presents ads, Takedown LIVE doesn’t.
    Advantage: Takedown LIVE

  • Alerts: Twitter doesn’t alert a user to match start or final score. Takedown LIVE can alert to match start or final score for followed teams.
    Advantage: Takedown LIVE

  • History: Takedown-generated Tweets are spread out temporally on your timeline. Takedown LIVE presents a compact list of past results for your followed teams.
    Advantage: Takedown LIVE

  • Interruptions: neither Twitter or Takedown LIVE will interrupt the fan experience asking the viewer to upgrade. This is a common frustration with Trackwrestling’s Dashboard. Advantage: not Trackwrestling.


Twitter examples:

Takedown LIVE examples:

For a Takedown Scoring and Stats user, we suggest enabling both Twitter and Takedown LIVE to satisfy the needs of all your fans. Let your fans choose the platform that best fits their needs.

Share this post with your fans and let them make their own decision.

For a tutorial on enabling Twitter, click here.
For a tutorial on enabling Takedown LIVE, click here.

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