Import a Roster from a Spreadsheet Into Takedown

[originally from September 2013, re-published today in response to a customer question]

Takedown Scoring and Stats supports Roster import for your team and opposing teams from spreadsheets! For pre-high school programs, this feature greatly reduces the effort to get up and running with Takedown!  

Of course, for high school and college programs (and Pennsylvania middle schools!), the import process is much easier as Takedown can seamlessly download over 250,000 wrestlers from our online line database of state certification data.  

Preparing the Roster Data

Roster data is imported from a Comma Separated Values (CSV) text file.  In this simple text file, each line represents a single wrestler and each piece of information is separated from the adjacent piece of information by a comma. The simplest Roster import consists of the wrestler’s last and first names along with a school affiliation.   Here’s a simple example:

Smith, John
Sanderson, Cael
Gable, Dan

More advanced Roster import, available only for your team, can optionally include grade, certification (“alpha”) date,  certification (“alpha”) weight, minimum wrestler weight (MWW), minimum weight class (MWC) and wrestler ID.  Here’s an advanced example:

Smith, John, 11, 11/1/2013, 140, 132, 133, 45873
Sanderson, Cael, 12, 11/1/2013, 195, 182, 184, 65814
Gable, Dan, 10, 11/1/2013, 156, 148, 149, 47954

Many coaches maintain their team roster in a spreadsheet.  Conveniently, most spreadsheet applications, including Excel and Google Spreadsheets, can easily save data to a CSV file. Here’s the advanced example from above in an Excel spreadsheet:

Use Excel’s “Save As” feature to save your roster spreadsheet to a CSV file with whatever name makes sense for you.  Here's an Excel spreadsheet template for importing a roster.

Here's a spreadsheet template (Excel format) with the columns already labeled. 

Importing the Data into Takedown

There are two methods for importing your CSV text file into Takedown.  The first method is attaching your CSV file to an email and sending it to the email account on your iPad.  Then, using Apple's iPad email app, open the email containing the CSV file and long tap the attachment symbol.  In the pop up with a selection of applications that can open the CSV file, select “Open in Takedown” or "Copy to Takedown."

The second method is saving your CSV to a cloud storage location -- iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, for example -- and "share" (box outline with embedded up arrow) the CSV file to Takedown.  Again, select "Open in Takedown" or "Copy to Takedown."  You'll need the appropriate cloud storage app -- iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox -- on your iPad for this to work properly.

With either method, email or cloud storage, Takedown will take over and ask you to select a team for importing the roster. This could be your team or an opponent’s team.  The advanced example above would apply only to your team as Takedown currently doesn’t track grade, certified weight, etc., for opposing teams.

Exporting your Roster

If you want to export your team’s roster from Takedown, then go to Reports, tap Roster and then tap the sharing symbol in the upper right corner.    You'll see the option to export in three formats (PDF, image and CSV) and you can select the format that's right for you.


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