Publish Your Takedown Results in Real-Time to a Web Browser

This past weekend I stumbled across a way to publish your Takedown Scoring and Stats results in real-time to Youtube Live. You might say, "So what? I already publish to Facebook, Twitter and Takedown LIVE." Indeed, I wondered the same thing. Amazing and technically fun, but what's the point?

Well, the fans that care are those who don't use Facebook or Twitter or Takedown LIVE, but use and enjoy Youtube on their mobile device or, more importantly, on their desktop or laptop via a web browser.  Since we don't offer a native browser solution for viewing real-time Takedown Scoring and Stats results, this seems like a big deal.

And the publisher (that's you, the Takedown Scoring and Stats user) will like this approach because (1) it offers a desktop browser solution that doesn't depend on Facebook or Twitter; (2) Youtube is reliable, scalable, free, richly featured and reaches about a gazillion viewers; (3) this method does not co-mingle detailed wrestling results with other content on your social media timelines; (4) you can do this at home, you don't need to attend the event; (5) Youtube Live provides some really great features for interacting with viewers (=fans) during the broadcast and (6) you can bring your own branding to Youtube and promote your live results stream to a large audience.

Here's an archived (and edited) version of live streaming Takedown Scoring and Stats to Youtube (originally streamed on January 30, 2016):

If you're interested in expanding your live score streaming to a broader audience with a solution for all platforms -- mobile, desktop and laptop -- send an email to and we'll send you the instructions.

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