11 Ways to Improve your Wrestling Team's Twitter Presence

Here's a list for getting the maximum impact from Takedown's integration with Twitter:

  1. Add your team's fan-oriented Twitter account in iPad "Settings."
  2. Download and install the Twitter app from the Apple App Store.
  3. Follow @takedownapp.  We have over 1,800 followers all of which are interested in wrestling.
  4. In Takedown, verify that you can enable Twitter.  This is located in the "Social" section.
  5. Decide whether you want to post results at the "end of a period" or "end of a match." Ask your Twitter followers what they prefer. If you also publish to Takedown LIVE, then dialing back Twitter to "end of match" might be a good idea since score-by-score details are available in Takedown LIVE.
  6. In Takedown, add a custom hashtag for each event.  A good format is #USvTHEM replacing US and THEM with the four character short names used in Takedown. This format is used in D1 college football and works well.
  7. You can have more than one hashtag in Takdown's custom hashtag so "#BUCSvsCAVS #growwrestling #nowaytoday" will work fine (subject to Twitter's character limit).
  8. Enable Twitter in Takedown before tapping "Score Event."  This insures that all Takedown related Tweets are posted on your timeline including the event start post that alerts your fans to the start of imminent competition.
  9. Sit back and relax while you score the event.  All pertinent scoring information is auto-posted to Twitter.  It's a wrestling results scoring bot!
  10. After the event, share your Scorebook, Box Score and updated Schedule to Twitter.  Use the sharing icon in the upper right corner of Reports.  You can easily share most Takedown reports on Twitter.  Click here for examples.
  11. After the event, disable Twitter in Takedown's Social section so you don't inadvertently Tweet matches -- challenge matches, for instance -- that shouldn't be posted.

BONUS: here's a generic list for improving your team's Twitter presence.  Using Takedown makes some of these tasks very easy.

  1. Try getting your school name (abbreviated) and "wrestle" or "wrestling" in your Twitter handle. This can be tricky since Twitter handles are limited to 15 characters.
  2. As with number #1, put your school name and "wrestling" into your account description. 
  3. Use school logo in the profile photo. If you've added your logo to Takedown, this is easy.
  4. Use a team photo or rotating action photo for the header photo.
    [example of #1 through #4, click here]
  5. Tweet your full schedule and "pin" it to your profile page. After updating schedule with results, re-post and replace previous schedule. This is easy to do in Takedown. 
  6. Tweet your roster so that it is on your timeline. This is easy to do in Takedown.
  7. Fill in the text portions of your profile including your location and team site URL. Location is important as there is probably more than one "Riverside Wrestling" on Twitter. Click here for example.
  8. Add some team accomplishments to your profile.  Using Takedown makes this easy.
  9. Include your school address in your profile if you have room. 
  10. Pick a theme color that's consistent with (or complements) your school colors. Don't turn your profile into a ransom note of colors.  It's distracting.
  11. Tweet lots of action photos.  Fans like to see action.
  12. Try Periscope for making live video available.
  13. Minimize administrative and motivational tweets.  Fans don't care about practice times, weight certification location and motivational phrases. Better -- get one Twitter account for fans and another Twitter account for athletes and parents.  They're free.
  14. Tweet directions from your school to an event location so fans know how to get there.
  15. Build your audience by following wrestling-oriented (and active) Twitter accounts especially competitors, college programs in your state, high profile individuals at any level and key wrestling media (FloWrestling, WIN Magazine, etc.).
  16. When you follow another Twitter account, ask that they follow you back via a direct message.
  17. When your account is followed and the follower is active and wrestling related, follow them back.
  18. After a reasonable passage of time, unfollow those accounts that don't follow you back.
  19. Send an email to everyone you know -- parents of current wrestlers, parents of ex-wrestlers, students, administration, teaches, etc. -- with a link to your Twitter account and ask them to follow you.
  20. Retweet interesting wrestling content from other Twitter users.
  21. Tweet interesting links to wrestling content found elsewhere on the web. Local newspapers usually allow their content to be posted on Twitter as a link to the original article.  See @takedownapp for examples of tweeting external content.

Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, recording video, creating stats, managing teams and rosters, and engaging fans via social media. Download from the App Store.

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