10 Takedown Items for October

Season start is just around the corner. Don't wait until the first wrestler steps on the mat to get ready.  Plenty of important things to get done this month.  Here's your list:

  1. Enable Notifications

    Occasionally we need to reach you with an important update including new release availability, bugs (not often, we hope), online roster updates, etc. We use Notifications for these updates.  Make sure Notifications for Takedown Scoring and Stats is turned on in your iPad Settings.

    Click here for Enabling Notifications

  2. Add a Logo and State for your Team

    In My Teams, add a logo for your team.  Logos are used throughout the app -- reports and scoreboard are two examples -- to improve visual appeal.  Identifying your state helps identify your program (because there are many Washington High Schools in America) and it is necessary for streaming to Takedown LIVE.

    Click here for Adding a Logo.

  3. Create a New Season

    If you're a new user, Takedown will create a new season during install.  Returning users must create a new season.  It should look something like "2017 - 2018" for a high school or college. Don't delete previous seasons unless you need the storage on your iPad. Backup a season before deleting.

    Click here for Creating a New Season

  4. Add Staff Contact Information

    For each season you can enter contact information for coaches, managers, trainers and parents. From within Takedown, you can then email or text any of those contacts. Very convenient, contact info and messaging in one place.

    Click here for Adding Contact Info.

  5. Add your Team's Roster

    Download your roster from our online database, copy from a previous season, import from a spreadsheet or enter the information manually.  Our online database will be updated in late October for college and late November for high school. Whichever method you choose, now's the time to get started on your roster.

    Click here for Adding your Team's Roster

  6. Add your Schedule

    New users will need to enter a Schedule from scratch.  Returning users can copy the schedule from a previous season and adjust the details (dates, times, home/away) accordingly.  Delete any copied event that isn't on your schedule this season.

    Click here for Adding your Schedule

  7. Register/Setup Takedown LIVE

    Takedown LIVE is the #1 fan-focused wrestling results app in the App Store.  Register and setup Takedown Scoring and Stats to stream your results live, score-by-score, to your fans.  Takedown LIVE is a free app for any compatible iPhone or iPad.

    Click here for setting up Takedown LIVE broadcasting

  8. Add your Twitter credentials for live results streaming

    Auto-sending your live results to social media is easy.  Get a team Twitter account and turn it on in Takedown Scoring and Stats.  That's it. Another free and easy way to engage your fans.

    Click here for setting up Live Results Auto-Posting to Social Media

  9. Re-arrange your iPad desktop, get key apps

    Re-arrange your iPad desktop to focus on the apps that you'll need to get the most value from Takedown Scoring and Stats. Download apps from the App Store as necessary.

    Click here for Apps that Help Get Most Value from Takedown

  10. Get your parents, athletes and fans onboard.

    Send an email blast to your parents, athletes and fans with your schedule, Twitter and Facebook handles and a link to Takedown LIVE (free on the App Store).  Something like:

    Dear Wrestling Fans,

    The season is almost here and we're looking forward to getting on the mats! Attached is our competition schedule so you'll know when and where we're competing.  Also, we've established two options for you to follow us on your computer or mobile device when you can't make it to the competition:

    On Twitter: www.twitter.com/{add your Twitter URL here}
    On your iPhone or iPad: download Takedown LIVE, free on the App Store for score-by-score detail

    This is the first of many messages we'll be sending this season. Thanks for your continued support!

    Coach {name}

    Click here for Schedule Attachment

    (note: this real world schedule is shared from Takedown Reports also available in PDF format)


That's it for October.  

Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, recording video, creating stats, managing teams and rosters, and engaging fans via social media. Download from the App Store.

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