15 Items to Get Done in November

October is past and you should have accomplished these things. If you haven't, you're already behind.  It's November, competition is here or soon will be. This is what you need to do now.

  1. Get familiar with "Help"
    "Help?" is the go to place for important items. In Takedown Scoring and Stats, the Help section is located in the list of icons at the bottom.
  2. Backup your Seasons
    Don't be that user who asks us to restore their four seasons worth of data. We don't have it -- all your data is on your iPad. If you don't back it up and the dog eats your iPad, your four years of work are gone.

    Click here for backing up and sharing your Season using Email.
  3. Download or Import your Team Roster
    There are four ways to get your roster into Takedown, in order from dirt simple to only in an emergency: (1) download from our database;  (2) copy from a previous season; (3) import from a spreadsheet; and (4) type it into Takedown.

    Click here for downloading your Roster
    Click here for importing your Roster from a spreadsheet
  4. Download Opponent Team Rosters
    Don't be bashful, download your whole state. If you wrestle teams from another state, download those as well. You can do a bulk delete of Opponent Teams any time. By the way, you should do this multiple times before the end of December as our database is frequently updated with roster changes and certification data. Instead of downloading your Roster as in #3 above, tap "Get Opponent Teams" in the app.
  5. Score Challenge Matches
    If you wait until showtime to get your scorer up to speed, the outcome might not be as you expected. The three steps for getting a scorer up to speed are:
    • Give them a score sheet and alpha master (OPC lingo for weigh-in record) from a previous dual meet and have them setup the event, including pairings and weigh-in, and score all matches by copying the results. Print the scorebook and compare to the paper copy. 
    • Setup a tournament and score matches from video. This is one step more demanding than copying from paper.
    •  Bring your scorer(s) into the practice room to score live bouts. This is closer to the real thing. If you have an intra-squad dual, that's the best context for final training.
  6. Log Equipment Issued
    Use Equipment Tracking for easily logging who has what from the equipment room. Coaches/managers often lose track of loaned equipment during the season and this is an easy way to keep tabs on expensive gear. At season's end, you'll log return dates by wrestler by item and easily generate a listing of non-returned equipment by wrestler.

    Click here to see how to track equipment.
  7. Configure in Conference Tags
    If you tag an Opponent Team as "in-conference", it's simple to get stats for that cohort. Just flip the switch on their roster to "In-Conference."

    Click here for tagging an Opponent Team as "In Conference."
  8. Add Photos to your Roster
    Helps scorers identify your wrestlers and we'll eventually use these photos in Reports.

    Click here for Add Wrestler Photo.
  9. Follow @takedownapp on Twitter
    We have thousands wrestling enthusiasts, teams and coaches following us on Twitter. We'll follow your team and give you exposure to our followers.
  10. Decide on "pay-as-you-go" or "all-you-can-eat" for matches
    Purchase matches in bulk or purchase a subscription (seven day or annual), your choice. If you have lots of kids and events, annual subscription will make sense.

    Click here for Unlimited Match Scoring Subscription
  11. Configure custom weight classes
    If your program doesn't use strict NFHS, NCAA or NCWA weight classes, then get your weight classes configured and ready to go. Certain states, Michigan for example, use non-NFHS weight classes in high school.  There's also a lot of variability in middle school scholastic weight classes. USA Wrestling folkstyle weight classes vary quite a bit by age group. If you need non-NFHS weight classes, get them set up. It's easy.

    In Takedown, go to Settings>>Weight Classes.
  12. Configure custom period durations
    Important for middle school and other environments in which NFHS standard period durations aren't used.  Don't forget to create custom period durations for tournament consolation bracket though this might be a day-of-event item.

    In Takedown, go to Settings>>Periods.
  13. Get Scoreboard ready
    Inventory all necessary equipment -- iPad adapter (wired), AppleTV (wireless), HDMI cable, display -- and test. Also, add Opponent Team logos for those opponents that will appear on the Scoreboard.

    Click here for Scoreboard setup
    Click here for Scoreboard customization
    Click here to see the Scoreboard in operation.
  14. Try the OPC upload feature
    Create a "dummy" dual meet and tag it as exhibition in your Trackwrestling schedule. Score the dummy dual meet in Takedown and try uploading the results. Note that this will like produce errors on the OPC side if you enter your rosters manually. Wait until your roster is available for download from Takedown Scoring and Stats

    Learn about upload to OPC on Trackwrestling
  15. Scoring graphics
    If you're interested in adding professional scoring graphics to your match video, you should start getting the pieces together for a successful implementation. Generating the scoring graphics is dirt simple -- just turn it on in Takedown. Adding the graphics to your event video is slightly more work, but not much. If you have the right equipment in place -- laptop, free software, video camera, wireless network -- it's straightforward.

    Learn about adding scoring graphics to match video

That's it for November. If you do October and November's tasks then you'll realize the full range of benefits -- team admin, scoring, stats, fan engagement -- from using Takedown Scoring and Stats.

Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, recording video, creating stats, managing teams and rosters, and engaging fans via social media. Download from the App Store.

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