Unfortunate Plight of NCAA Wrestling Assistant ADs and SIDs

We use a bot to send a message to those who follow us (@takedownapp) on Twitter. The bot-sent message prompts the follower to consider how they might avoid the tedium of typing "3-2" onto a wrestling team's Twitter profile during live events. Takedown can do it better, quicker and without any effort beyond scoring the match (which someone needs to do anyway). Takedown can also auto-post to multiple social media platforms simultaneously.

Recently, we were followed by an assistant AD at a Division I NCAA wrestling program. This is the unedited (except for identity) and complete message thread that followed:

This is not made up.

This is not made up.

Really? I like the "shitty app" part.

Instead of typing "3-2", how about this Twitter list for an assistant AD covering wrestling:

  1. Background on contestants.  Win/loss, hometown, academic interest, last contest result perhaps with the scorebook, neutral performance, pins for/against, how they did last year in the post-season, wrestler photo, etc. (most of this is easy with Takedown)
  2. What's going on during the match? What techniques are attempted? Successful? 
  3. Who's the ref?
  4. What's the crowd doing? How big is the crowd? 
  5. Post-match interview, live on Periscope.
  6. What's your coach's view on the event?
  7. Season-to-date stats for the team and contestants (easy with Takedown)
  8. Expected line-ups.

Not a complete list in any sense, but a start.  I'd bet Twitter fans would be thrilled to have value-added content interleaved with live results.

The plight of this particular assistant AD is common and, in fact, probably out of his control. As he says it's his "job to type '3-2'".  What knucklehead gave a talented human this job when they could be adding so much more value? And, why do college wrestling coaches expect so little from their marketing team while at the same time expecting so much from their wrestlers?

NCAA athletic directors and wrestling coaches: use your resources wisely and help grow our sport. Having talented, energetic assistant ADs and SIDs type "3-2" is just plain dumb. 

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