User Q&A About Data Sharing and Unlimited Match Subscriptions

From our customer support center.


Our coaching staff is committed to implementing your program. We travel to multiple locations each weekend (girls and boys teams). If we purchase the unlimited matches would we be able to score for the same team on two ipads as long as we sign in with the same apple id? Also, is it possible to download roster information onto a second ipad instead of entering info twice?


As long as the iPads are registered to the same iTunes account that purchased the subscription, then they can use the subscription for no additional fee. Be aware that temporarily changing the ID for an iPad to get access to the subscription is not supported.  

To use multiple iPads, it is important to adopt a workflow in which one iPad is the official source ("master") and the other iPads limit their activity to event-specific actions -- weigh-ins, scoring, pairings, recording tournament placement -- and reports. The master iPad shares its Season with all of the satellite iPads.  When the satellite scorers are finished, they email their Season back to the master iPad for consolidation. Only on rare occasions should a satellite scorer need to enter opponent roster info into Takedown.


So I have a coach that is willing to use his personal iPad.  So as long as I have him using the same iTunes log in when he downloads the app he should be fine to be a "satellite" scorer.  Once he is connected to a network he would be able to upload the stats to the main iPad (mine) which would then take in the match information?   I guess I'm wondering is if we are both using the program and I have entered in the information for our roster will he be able to have our roster and enter weigh in information, etc.


Sharing data and paying for matches are independent.

Any iPad registered to any user can download/install the app and be a "satellite" scorer for your team.  Just share with them, via email is probably the easiest, the Season containing the event you'd like them to score.  When they're done scoring, they can share that Season back to you.  If you don't have wifi available, try using AirDrop if your device supports that functionality.

If you've purchased an annual subscription for unlimited scoring, then the satellite iPad gets the benefit of the subscription without any additional cost if the satellite iPad is registered to the the original iTunes account that purchased the subscription. I would not recommend temporarily changing the registration of the satellite iPad to access the subscription benefit because that's a procedure that is unsupported by Apple and will likely cause unintended (and unwanted) consequences. The iPad (and Apple's subscription service) gets very confused.

So, if your satellite iPad is not registered to the original subscription purchaser, then there are three options for scoring matches on the satellite device:

  1. Every download of Takedown Scoring and Stats is bundled with the ability to score 30 matches for free on the iPad onto which it is downloaded and installed.  Deleting the app and re-installing doesn't reset the free match counter for that device.
  2. After the 30 free matches, that satellite scorer can:
    • Purchase 50 or 200 matches depending on your needs. In Takedown, go to Settings>>Takedown Store
    • Purchase an unlimited matches subscription of the desired duration, either 7 or 365 consecutive days. Also Settings>>Takedown Store

Summing up: sharing data and paying for matches are independent.  A subscription to score an unlimited number of matches is available on all iPads registered to the iTunes account that purchased the original subscription. A satellite scorer whose iPad is registered to a different iTunes account must pay for all matches after the initial 30 matches and there are a few options. Temporarily changing an iPad's registration to get the benefit of another user's subscription purchase is not recommended or supported as the outcome will likely be undesirable if not unrecoverable.

The durable and operationally easiest way to do this is to purchase a used iPad on Amazon or eBay, about $150-175 for an iPad Mini 2 and slightly more for an iPad Air 1. I know this is not always within the budget of a team.



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