User Q&A About Season Sharing

Recent Q&A on our support channel, might be helpful to all.

Hi Greg--

Great questions.  Here you go:

Can I set everything up (ex schedule and roster) on 1 iPad then share with the other 6 so they have the same information?

Yes, each recipient gets an exact copy of the Season you share.  The schedule, roster...everything in the Season is in the exported file.

Then after every time I use it I have to resend back to the original iPad, is that correct?

Exactly. You need to enforce via workflow the idea of a "master" iPad and the rest are simply satellite scorers.

Do I have to create a new season each time?

No, you just export the Season into which you want your satellite scorers to score matches.

Do all the numbers and dates have to match up each time?

Your satellite scorers will always, by definition, have an exact replica of the "master" season when they start scoring. So, there shouldn't be an issue of mis-matched dates. More generally, the import process is "additive" in that it fills in the blanks or otherwise adds data to importer's season where none exists, e.g. scoring and weigh-in information.  Instruct your satellite scorers not to change non-scoring information, such as event name, season name, my team name/logo.  These are items that should remain static and changed only on the master.

Once i have exported or shared an event, should it then be deleted from the satellite iPad?

Once your satellite iPads have successfully exported a season back to the master iPad, you can delete that season from the satellite iPad if you'd like, but there's no technical reason to do so.  Just keep in mind that the entire process is generally additive, not replacement based. 

Is there any safe guard to keep the program from overwriting old match counts, not sure how it shares the information and merges it in a reliable manner?

If by "match counts" you mean purchased matches, that item is not shareable.  Purchased matches are specific to the iPad on which they are purchased. For your case, an annual subscription would make the most sense as it applies without additional charge to all iPads registered to the iTunes Account under which the subscription was originally purchased.

 Also, during our final varsity challenges I wanted to have multiple people checking out gear and inputting information to the system, will that work?

Personally, I haven't tested that. It's designed to do it. If it doesn't work, that's a bug. I'll meet with the engineers this PM and ask.

If you know a team or person who uses multiple iPads together and makes it work well could you please give me their contact information and send them my information and have them contact me.

Yes, I know of a school that uses lots of iPads.  I'll reach out to him and verify he's OK with speaking to you. I'm sure he'll be happy to do it.

I agree with you're auto-syncing comments. It's an issue we discuss frequently and fully understand the user need. Technically, it's a daunting task to do it right on an Apple tablet or phone. It is high on our list.

Back to season sharing: I recommend you backup your "master" season prior to importing all your satellite scorers. That way, if anything doesn't go according to plan, you can revert to a prior, known good database.  Also, I wouldn't wait for a high stakes environment to try this.  Find a low stakes environment like the practice room and practice the workflow with your operators scoring different matches on different iPads and doing a consolidation back to the master at the end.

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