User Q&A this past Weekend

"Is there a way to enter roster from MS excel?"

Yes you can. Here’s a blog entry that cover to soup-to-nuts of importing rosters :

"Is it possible to have the Takedown program on multiple devices for the same team?"

The key to successfully using Takedown’s data sharing facility is to designate one iPad as the “official” source and share your season from that iPad out to your satellite scorers. When the event is complete, have them share their season back to you for consolidation. The import process is additive — the imported season’s data is added to an existing season of the same name. Also, your satellite scorers should only score matches and add opponents. You’d repeat this process for every event for which you had multiple iPads scoring.

All along the way, you should be backing up your “official” Takedown instance so you’re covered if you ever need to revert to a prior instance of your database. Backing up your data is simply sharing your Season to a safe place, your inbox, Apple’s Notes app, Google Drive, Dropbox….any place where you can safely keep a file.

Click here for a Sharing a Season using Email.

"Is there a way to run the exhibition matches before the regulation matches when using the pre-event pairings or must I just add them on the fly before the regulation matches?"

 If you don’t do anything, Takedown will first cycle through the regulation matches starting at the First Weight Class and then step through the exhibition matches in the order that they were paired.

However since we knew that coaches also wanted to begin a regulation dual with exhibition matches or even intersperse the exhibitions matches within the regulation matches, we built support for these requirements in the new pairings.

You’ll notice that in the Match Scoring view, below the Event name (top center), there is the text Weight Class followed by a blue tap-able weight class value.

If you tap on that value, you will be presented with a list of Regulation pairings, followed by Exhibition pairings, and concluding with an Add Exhibition (on the fly) section.

If you want a particular pre-paired exhibition bout to be contested between, say between the 75 and the 80 pound regulation matches, then after the conclusion of 75, tap the blue weight class value (will read 80) and then tap the desired exhibition bout. That bout will now be score-able. If that bout has been paired without a weight class, the Weight Class will display two hyphens (‘—’).

When the exhibition bout completes, Takedown will return you to the next scheduled regulation bout (in this example, the 80 pound match).

Let’s say the coaches decide at that moment that they want to contest another exhibition before resuming regulation matches: then tap the blue weight class value as before and repeat the process.

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