Adding Live Results to Team Website

Maintaining a team website with fresh content is a continuous, time-consuming job. Reporting results to your regional or state website can be likewise.  Let Takedown do some of the heavy lifting. We cover some ways to do this in an email with a Takedown user. 

Here are a few things you can do

  1. Add your team logo to My Team and then all your reports will have your logo
  2. Maintain your schedule and roster in Takedown, share it as PDF and post it to your team website site; there's no need to keep a separate document for the schedule and roster. The Takedown Schedule is automatically updated with results
  3. To report your results to your section website, select the Box Score report for a single event and email it in Text format.  That's a lot easier than filling out that online form.  See here:
  4. Post your Box Score, Scoring Detail, Win/Loss Record and Leaderboard on your team website. All of those reports are available in image format which will render on the page.  Go to Reports and share these reports in image format to your email address where you can easily post them to your site.
  5. There's much more available if you're familiar with Reports. Please look at this:

In addition, adding live results from your Twitter profile to your website is straightforward. Click here for Embedding Twitter Live Results on your Website

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