iPad Usage and Cost -- Survey Says...

During due diligence for an upcoming product release, we spoke to a number of tournament administrators. In the course of discussions, we discovered a significant (and understandable) difference between the perceived price of an iPad and the actual price of an iPad based on our recent purchases.  We wondered if Takedown users had a similar perception.

In June, we sent a survey to more than one thousand recipients on our email address list. The brief survey focused on iPad use, perceived cost and desirability.  Here are the results from about 45 responses.

Question #1

We were very happy to hear that a little more than a third of our customers use more than one iPad with Takedown.  In addition, about 15% of the respondents use three or more iPads!

Question #2

This question focused on iPad ownership with more than half of the respondents saying that the iPad with Takedown installed is owned by a person rather than the wrestling program or the associated school.

Question #3

This question focused on perception and roughly two-thirds of the respondents believe it costs more than $300 to purchase an iPad (new or used) for running Takedown Scoring and Stats. Only three respondents, or less than 10%, thought an iPad for Takedown would cost $101 to $200.  To which we said "huh?"

Question #4

All respondents except two would be willing to pay more than $100 for an iPad dedicated to the wrestling program and of these 50% would be willing to pay more than $300. Oddly, six respondents would not purchase an iPad at any price, even one dollar*

Question #5

Over 90% of the respondents spend more than $100 for mat tape and cleaner annually.


This isn't a scientific survey and there's obvious sample and response bias.  It's summer, too, so who on earth is thinking about wrestling except everyone following Fargo online and eagerly awaiting the Olympics?  OK, I guess everyone's thinking about wrestling.  Nevermind.

Yet, here are a few observations:

  • Many respondents, roughly 35%, deploy more than one iPad with Takedown.  Wow, that's great and very encouraging.  Keep sharing that data!
  • Most programs rely on personally owned iPads for running Takedown.
  • iPads are perceived as expensive; two thirds believe an iPad costs more than $300.
  • More than 80% would pay more than $100 for an iPad dedicated to their affiliate wrestling program.

So, how much does an iPad really cost? We have real world data on that subject, too, and we think 80% of the respondents will be very happy.   Stay tuned for another post!

* Author is fanatically anti-iPhone, so these sentiments, though irrational, are fully appreciated.

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