How Much Does an iPad Cost?

Back in June and July, we surveyed our users about their views on how much an iPad costs and what they'd be will to pay for an iPad dedicated to Takedown Scoring and Stats. Roughly 93% of the respondents believed an iPad -- one that's compatible with Takedown -- costs more than $200. Also, about 82% of the respondents would be willing to pay more than $100 for an iPad dedicated to Takedown Scoring and Stats.

Recently we purchased eight previously-owned iPads for internal testing.  Sourced from eBay, these iPads -- six iPad Mini 1 and two iPad 3 -- averaged just under $120 each delivered. We were pleasantly surprised at how easily (and cheaply) we could buy these units!  These iPads aren't all perfect -- one has inoperative speakers and another has tiny cracks in the glass on the bezel (the non-touch portion surrounding the tap-able screen). But, all of these iPads work just fine with Takedown.

Online used markets, such as eBay, are a great way to source an inexpensive iPad dedicated to your wrestling program. Find a highly rated seller that offers returns to minimize risk.  Look at the photos to insure the tappable area of the glass isn't cracked. Don't buy an iPad that has had its glass or digitizer replaced. Make sure the iPad is unlocked. Use the eBay filters to narrow your search down to a price range.  Don't buy an iPad 1 or iPad 2 for any reason, the former is obsolete and the latter is too slow, and stay away from anything priced less than $100. Use the "Bidding" purchase option if you have time or the "Buy it Now" option if you need the iPad soon. Make sure to account for the shipping cost. If you need a case and charger/cable, look for listing with those accessories included. Otherwise, you'll need to spend about $20 additional for a padded case and charger.

If you want something that has a little more longevity than an iPad Mini 1 or iPad 3, then look to the Mini 2, iPad Air 1 or iPad 4. My personal favorite is the Mini 2 because it's easy to tote around at less than a pound. A good Mini 2 on eBay is about $150-175 and an iPad Air is $190-$225. Both are excellent iPads, readily available on eBay (and other online markets) and will run Apple's recently announced iOS 10. Click here for a few iPad listings on eBay.  Also, here's an iPad performance and features comparison.

Over half of the respondents in our survey indicated that Takedown was running on a personal device. We recommend against using personal iPads for running Takedown -- it isn't a sustainable practice. People (and their iPads) move on or are unavailable, personal iPads are tethered to personal social networks, personal email and personal payment methods. Data gets lost, continuity is broken. Splitting an iPad between helping your wrestling team and managing one's personal life is difficult and messy. If you can, find a way to make Takedown an integral part of your program. It isn't as expensive as you might think.



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