When the WiFi Network Doesn't

WiFi networks in school gyms are often unreliable. Scoring matches and generating stats with Takedown Scoring and Stats doesn't require a network and that's a feature that you all love. However, sending results to Takedown LIVE and social media, emailing or texting statistical reports or sharing data (for consolidating results) all require a reliable WiFi network.  Here are some ways to fix or work around the problem.

WiFi Isn't Available or it's Secured

You've checked in iPad Settings for a public WiFi network and came up empty. Perhaps there's a secured network available, but you don't have the password.  Here's what you can do.

If a secured WiFi network is available:

  • Find the head coach for the host school and ask for the WiFi password.
  • Go to the head table and ask for the WiFi password.
  • Ask a wrestler from the host school for the WiFi password.
  • Basically, ask anybody who looks important and local for the password

If there is no WiFi network available or you didn't get the password:

  • Setup a hot-spot on a cell phone. Some carriers offer this service for free or a nominal charge depending on data usage. It doesn't have to be your phone -- you can do this with any willing partner -- and the phone doesn't need to be iPhone. Ask the parents and students. Connect your Takedown iPad to the cell phone hot-spot via WiFi or Bluetooth. WiFi will operate over longer distances than Bluetooth.
  • Use a cellular data enabled iPad. These are about $30-40 more expensive than a WiFi only iPad. The good news is that cellular data plans for an iPad are typically month-to-month, the SIM card is free and you don't need to use your phone carrier. Purchase a cellular data plan for the wrestling season and turn it off when it isn't needed. By the way, a cellular data-enabled iPad can often be used as a hot-spot for your other iPads. The cost, if any, will vary by carrier and plan.
  • Share Season via AirDrop. Many iPads have a built-in capability called AirDrop for sending information from one iPad to another over Bluetooth or a point-to-point WiFi connection. This feature works even if a local WiFi network isn't available. Click here for an Apple tutorial.  Once AirDrop is enabled on both iPads, in Takedown tap Share Season and choose the iPad with which to share your season. This is an easy way to consolidate data at a tournament while you're in the stands awaiting the next bout.
  • Share Reports via AirDrop. With AirDrop enabled, send any stat report from your scoring iPad to an iPhone user who can, in turn, email the report or post it to your team's social media properties.
  • Turn on Takedown LIVE.  When Takedown LIVE is enabled, Takedown Scoring and Stats will send your results the next time your iPad connects to the internet and launch Takedown.

WiFi is Connected, But Isn't Working Very Well

Many schools allow you to connect to their WiFi networks but, at the same time, block certain websites. A common practice is blocking access to social media sites including Twitter and Facebook. In this case, the network is connected to your iPad and works for certain activities -- email, for example -- but your live results aren't reliably posting to Twitter or Facebook because those sites are blocked.  You can use any of the methods in the first section above to gain unfiltered access to the Internet and post your live results.

Lastly, turn on Takedown LIVE because it is never blocked on the local school WiFi.

You might have some other ideas on school/gym WiFi networks (no cussing, please).  If so, send to ideas@levelchanger.com.

And, don't forget: turn on Takedown LIVE!

Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, recording video, creating stats, managing teams and rosters, and engaging fans via social media. Download from the App Store.

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