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Q: When using Takedown on multiple iPads, why is it important to designate one iPad as the "master" and the remaining iPads as "satellite" scorers.

A: In our experience, the process of syncing data is simpler if you designate one of the iPads as the place where all the data consolidation takes place.  Once the consolidation is done -- via importing shared Seasons from satellite scorers -- then you can share the consolidated Season to all of your satellite scorers and all iPads have the same data at that point in time.

With two iPads, this might seem, and probably is, overkill.  iPad A shares to iPad B, iPad B shares to iPad A and you're done.  You might even decide that either iPad can make changes to the schedule and rosters in My Team and successfully manage that sort of deployment. Still, I wouldn't recommend more than one iPad making My Team changes even with only two iPads. This is our personal experience using the app with our local high school (test bed) team.

With more than two iPads, this process -- everyone shares with everyone -- is error prone, a pain to manage and even harder to resolve when scoring errors present.  So, instead of everyone sharing with everyone, we recommend designating, for example, iPad A as the "master" (meaning, this is where data consolidation occurs) and then have iPads B, C, D and E share their results only back to iPad A.  With this process, iPad A is the authoritative source for all the scoring data.  Of course, iPad A can share the Season back to iPads B, C, D and E so that everyone is effectively synchronized. 

So, the basic workflow is this:

  1. iPad A configures My Team items
  2. iPad A Shares Season to iPads B, C, D...etc.
  3. Scoring happens. Satellite scorers are limited to adding opponent wrestlers, scoring and reporting
  4. Event ends
  5. iPads B, C, D...etc., Share Season to iPad A
  6. iPad A imports all Seasons shared in previous step
  7. Go to step 1 unless Season is over

In any case, there's nothing in Takedown regarding "master" and "satellite" scorers.  This is merely the best workflow we've found for manually synchronizing data. We understand this manual process is sub-optimal and are actively looking at ways to improve the implementation.

Q: How can I score a double forfeit?

A: See this tutorial.

Q: How can I score a technical fall?

A: See this tutorial.

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