User Question and Answers from Last Week

We can learn from each other!  Here are questions from users and answers by our worldwide support team:

Q: When I try Upload to OPC, I get this:


A: Yes, NBC Sports' subsidiary Trackwrestling is blocking this feature. For more details, please read this blog post. A new release today is intended to restore the feature on our side, but who knows how long before Trackwrestling finds a way to waste your time (and ours) again. We continue working on your behalf. You, too, should let NBC Sports and Trackwrestling know how much they are hurting your team and, in aggregate, the sport of wrestling.

By the way, there's nothing insecure about Takedown's typing information into the OPC on your behalf. This a scare tactic and not a very good one at that.  When you use the Upload to OPC feature, all Takedown is doing is typing your match results and weigh ins into the OPC page on the Trackwrestling site. No more, no less. We don't even save the data for you on the OPC -- you must do that by tapping the correct Trackwrestling button.

Q: Washington rosters aren't downloading properly -- can you help?

A: Yes, we accidentally broke Washington rosters when making other changes.  It is fixed with today's (12/5/17) release.

Q: My seven day subscription expires too soon -- can you extend it?

A: No, we have no way of remotely extending subscriptions.

Q: Our dual meet is at a neutral location. Do you have that option?

A: The app's implementation of Home/Away is simply one of location -- are you at your home facility or not? Home/Away doesn't have any other contextual meaning (except for some titles) in the app and, as far as we know, has no rules-based scoring significance. Document the "official" venue status in Event>>Notes "Neutral site."

Q:  I realized one of the matches was saved with an incorrect score. Can I go back and correct that or does it have to be deleted and redone?

A: Deleted and re-scored.  There's a bunch of corrections that can be done in-match but once the match is committed then the changes are limited to changing wrestler names, event, etc.  Post-commit match changes are accessed via Seasons>>Event>>Matches (just below event name on left)>> Select Match of interest >>tap Edit in the right panel, top. This is where you can delete the match as well (right panel, bottom) but first preserve the original match transcript via a screen shot or print out of the Scorebook for that wrestler. Don't worry about the Match Clock during the re-score -- just start it, score the period and move on. Re-scoring should take about 30 seconds if that.  When you commit the re-scored match, tag it as Copy instead of Live and that match will be excluded from match-clock related stats.  Here's more on fixing scoring errors.

Q: How do we change or add our logo to Takedown LIVE?

A: Easy.  Send your logo to

Q: I want to purchase the season unlimited package & the app won't let me. Any advice?

A: In our experience, there could be a number of reasons for this:

  • The App Store is having problems -- this happens quite a bit and the solution is to simply wait for a few hours.

  • Your payment information needs updated or is somehow incorrect

  • Log out of iTunes/iCloud in iPad Settings and re-login.

Q: I bought the wrong subscription. Can you cancel mine so I can purchase the correct subscription?

A: The purchases from the Takedown Store and handled entirely by Apple. We have no transaction details -- Apple doesn't provide any to us.  You can, however, ask Apple for a refund. Purchasing the wrong thing is pretty common across all apps in the App Store, so Apple has a documented method for correct this kind of error. 

Q: I reset my iPad. Do you have my data so I can restore our Takedown database?

A: No, we don't have your data -- it is on your iPad.  You should back up your data frequently to a safe place via Share Season using email or some cloud-based storage like Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive.  That way, if your dog eats your iPad, you still have your data.

Q: Can I share data between multiple iPads?

A: Yes and here are a few articles.

Q: Can I use a subscription on multiple iPads?

A: Yes, under certain conditions.  See: and search our blog.

Q: A team isn't in Takedown's database of downloadable rosters. Can you help?

A; Yes! Let us know the team name and state and we'll fix it.

Q: How do I handle the tournament situation where I don't know the opponent team or opponent wrestler name?

A: Ah, the "unknown wrestler" problem!  Pretty common. 

Q: Can you send me a receipt for my purchase?

A: We have no transaction records. You can get a receipt pretty easily from iTunes.

Q: Do you have any tutorials?

A: Yes, quite a few on our support site.

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