User Inquiry: What Suggestions do you have for Score Board Displays?

From Orlando in New Jersey:  What suggestions do you have for external [score board] displays?

Our answer:

Any reasonably current display with an HDMI input will work.  I've gotten DVI input displays to work with an HDMI<-->DVI cable, but it isn't as reliable.

The display size doesn't matter.  It can be a 20" desktop monitor or a million dollar Daktronics scoreboard.  As long as it talks HDMI, it'll should work with our app.  If you're doing a one-off event at a school, you might find that their AV department has a bunch of excess monitors stored in a closet somewhere as teacher/students have move to laptops and tablets.  I've purchased inexpensive monitors on Amazon for testing and there are plenty on eBay.  The market has an excess of good, used, desktop HDMI monitors these days.

If you want to power multiple scoreboards from the same iPad -- one for the scoring table and a larger one for fans, for example -- we've found that HDMI repeaters (one input, multiple outputs) are inexpensive and work most of the time.  Currently, I have one that always works and one that isn't reliable.

Some gotchas:

  • If the scoreboard looks distorted, try changing the display's resolution. I've not found a precise formula on this, just change it around to something that looks well proportioned.
  • There are plenty of third party AV adapters for the iPad and some of 30 pin versions actually work.  None of the third party Lightning AV adapters work -- only the Apple branded versions work and they are frustratingly expensive.
  • The AV adapters have two connectors: one for HDMI and one for charging the iPad.  Make sure to charge the iPad while you're driving the HDMI connected display, otherwise the iPad may complain that it "isn't compatible" with the external device. 
  • Lastly, if you have a external display remotely located from the scoring iPad you can use Apple TV and AirPlay to render our scoreboard on the remote display.  Make sure the scoring iPad and AppleTV are on the same Wifi network -- this is a critical detail.

I hope you'll turn on Takedown LIVE and Twitter live score streaming.  Both are a free and easy way to keep your fans updated.  Not a bad way, either, to keep coaches informed when your spread all over multiple mats at a tournament.

More scoreboard stuff here:

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