NWCA Blue Ribbon Task Force Launches!

National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) convenes "Blue Ribbon Task Force" -- perhaps in response to this May post -- to research the most alarming trend in high school wrestling.

From the NWCA June Newsletter:

On July 2nd [2017], the NWCA will be launching a newly established Blue Ribbon Task Force specifically developed to address the following challenges with boys and girls high school wrestling:

1. Declining participation of High School Boys participation (high school participation has dropped 6 straight years; the average roster size has shrunk from 37/team in 1975 to 23/team today; and the average number of dual meet forfeits is now 29%).
2. Accelerate the growth of high school girls wrestling so we can keep pace with all of the growth of collegiate women’s teams.

Our task force is comprised of some of the best scholastic wrestling ambassadors in America. Many of them are wrestling liaisons in various state high school athletic association offices so they are uniquely positioned to implement changes. We will be launching this initiative in conjunction with the NFHS Annual Convention in Rhode Island on Sunday, July 2. It is our goal to identify and vet various concepts over the next 12 months that will have the greatest impact on growing participation for both boys and girls wrestling.

Good news, to be sure. Who's on the task force? What's the agenda and process? How do coaches, parents and other interested stakeholders chime in? How and when will the task force communicate their findings? Where's the info on the NWCA website? Is there a session devoted to this task force at the upcoming NWCA Annual Convention?

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