Getting Your Wrestling Program Into the Digital Game

Takedown Scoring and Stats offers four specific features for engaging your in-venue and remote fans.  For the in-venue audience, Takedown can generate a professional, wrestling-specific digital scoreboard on any flat panel display. Remote fans benefit from live scoring posted to Twitter and Takedown LIVE, as well as graphics for your match video which can be streamed on-line or recorded to your local computer, or both. These four features are zero-operator meaning that there is no additional effort required by the Takedown operator.  Just turn on the feature and it works.

There is, however, additional equipment required for digital scoreboarding and composing match video with scoring graphics.  For example, the scoreboard requires a flat panel display and some method -- wired or wireless -- for receiving the score board images.  Also, adding scoring graphics to match video is accomplished with a computer and software. Depending on your goals and your available equipment inventory -- owned or borrowed -- deployment costs range from $500 to about $2,700 including the Takedown software and the iPad on which it is installed. Existing Takedown users can exclude the iPad cost, resulting in a reduction of $100-$300.

In the diagram below, we've created four different deployment "packages" from a Budget arrangement at the low end to a Luxury example at the high end.

Installation Options -- Scoreboard and Scoring Graphics Feb 2018 (2).png

These "packages" reflect capability at various cost levels. For example, the Budget package at $500 includes a previously owned iPad Mini and a small (24") table top display whereas the Luxury package at $2,700 includes a new iPad 5 and a large (65") flat panel TV.  The Standard and Premium packages offer capabilities and cost between those two extremes.

Of course, it is possible to spend more than $2,700 and well-funded programs might take that route.  Larger flat panel displays, more sophisticated video cameras and purpose-build video production systems are all available.  Too, your incremental cost might be zero if your school has a suitable flat panel display and video equipment as is the often the case today. Our local high school, for example, offers a large flat panel TV and Apple TV on a rolling cart which is used by the team for their Takedown-generated digital scoreboard. An in-house, student video club might help with cameras and other equipment.  And don't forget parents and students, both great sources for "borrowed" equipment.

For a detailed listing of equipment costs for our four example "packages", click here.

End-of-season is upon us!  Don't wait until next season (my favorite coach line!) to bring your team into the 21st century. Improve your public presentation for both in-venue and remote fans with digital scoreboarding and embedded scoring graphics for your match video. Turn on Twitter and Takedown LIVE, too.  All zero-operator features of Takedown Scoring and Stats.







Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, recording video, creating stats, managing teams and rosters, and engaging fans via social media. Download from the App Store.

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