Takedown Scoring and Stats -- Pricing Options

We're often asked "what does it cost to use Takedown Scoring and Stats?"

Bottom line: $130 annually for all features (as of 8/16/2018).

What are you paying for?

The core feature -- scoring wrestling matches (aka bouts) -- is what you pay for. In addition, recording video is an additional purchase. There is nothing else to purchase in order to use the app.

New installations can score up to 30 matches without charge. This free trial allows users to experience the app without financial commitment.

What are the purchasing options?

For Scoring Matches, purchase the ability to score a finite number of matches -- 50 or 200 matches currently -- or purchase the ability to score an unlimited number of matches over a certain time frame, either seven days or one year. This last option is called a Subscription.

For Video Recording, seven day or one year subscriptions are available.

Which purchasing option should you choose?

For most wrestling programs, the one year Unlimit Match Scoring subscription will be the most cost effective. With current pricing, if you expect to score more than 250 matches OR you're using multiple iPads, then the one year Unlimited Matches subscription makes the most sense. Unlike purchasing the ability to score 50 or 200 matches -- which can't be transferred to another iPad -- a subscription can be used on any iPad registered to the original purchaser without any additional charge.

On the Video Recording side, the options are fewer -- seven day or one year subscription -- and you can make the best decision for your program. Again, subscriptions are available on all iPads registered to the original purchaser without additional charge.

Price Protection

All one year subscriptions are auto-renewing meaning that you'll have opportunity to continue your subscription without interruption. Auto-renewed subscriptions are charged at the original priced you paid thus insulating your team from any price changes. We've implemented this policy to reward customer loyalty.

How to Purchase?

All purchases are made in the Takedown Store which is in Takedown Scoring and Stats Settings which is shown below.

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(pricing subject to change)

All Takedown Store purchases are processed by Apple and governed by their policies. For more information on Apple in app purchase policies, see this page.

Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, recording video, creating stats, managing teams and rosters, and engaging fans via social media. Download from the App Store.

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