In Season Tips #3 -- Data Security

Data Security

Over the last eight days we've confirmed three reports of scored matches mysteriously disappearing from Takedown. Although this is a small percentage of users, losing any data is frustrating and a potentially serious issue. We are actively investigating this issue and will report back when we uncover the cause. In parallel, we're working on an automated back-up feature that would provide a measure of resilience in a situation where a user hasn't performed a data backup. Also, we continue adding remote diagnostic aids into Takedown so that we have a more detailed and complete timeline of user activity which is often important when tracking down bugs.

In the meantime, we strongly suggest you do the following to insure reasonable data recovery in an emergency:

  • In Takedown, go to Help>>Send us your Database. Include your own email address alongside "" so that we have a copy and you do, too. For now, you should "send us your database" as often as you wish -- after every event, for example, or even mid-way through a long tournament with lots of matches. In an emergency, we can restore your data in Takedown from the files (there are three of them) that taken together constitute your Takedown database.

  • Similar to "Send us your Database", use "Share Season" to back up an individual Season. Email these to yourself or store them in the cloud. You can import these files directly into Takedown. As we recommend in our FAQ, data backup is an important part of Takedown's workflow.

More here on season import/export:

Here’s the FAQ.

  • Turn on Takedown LIVE for all of your matches. This automatically generates an electronic scorebook that's view-able in the Takedown LIVE app on your iPad or iPhone if, in an emergency, you need to restore matches.

  • For every event, email your Scorebook Report to yourself. Again, this is another record from which matches can be restored in an emergency.

  • If you encounter any mysterious disappearance of matches in your Takedown installation, please let us know at

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