Table Top Stand for iPad -- Quick Review

AboveTek — Universal Tablet Stand

Last week I scored a college dual and recorded video using Takedown. I was matside and needed a stand to keep the iPad vertical and free up my hands for scoring. I choose a low-end tripod and didn’t like the experience because (1) a tripod doesn’t work when seated at the scorer’s table and (2) tapping the Takedown scoring interface caused the iPad to shake a bit which can show up in the video. What I needed was a stable, inexpensive iPad stand that was short enough to be useful when seated at the scorer’s table.

After searching a bit, I settled on the Universal Tablet Stand by AboveTek, I did some testing and then gave it to a local high school team to see how it performed during a live dual meet. The user’s experience was good.

If we were in the ratings business, I’d give it 4+ stars out of 5.

I liked:

  • Availability

  • Price

  • Stability

  • Construction quality

  • Ease-of-assembly

  • Flexibility — rotates in all dimensions

  • Accessories — comes with two frames, slight different sizes

  • Size (relative to tripod)

I didn’t like:

  • Doesn’t break down flat without a screw driver

  • Connection between stand and tablet frame has too much play for my taste

Worth a look as a tripod alternative for your dual meets.

We sourced ours at Amazon for $39.00 delivered same day.

Disclosure: we have no relationship with Amazon or AboveTek.

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