When you Really, Really Need to use Pencil and Paper

It happens to even the most well-prepared teams: sometimes at a tournament, using Takedown isn’t an option. Not enough iPads or iPads aren’t charged or iPads got run over by team bus or iPads gotten eaten by hungry wrestlers or nobody available who knows how to use an iPad. Blah, blah. It happens. What to do?

It’s Tournaments, not Dual Meets

Takedown users aren’t challenged to score a dual meet. One wrestler at a time, bouts sequentially wrestled in a known order, rosters available in advance or, at least, at weigh in, all activity on a single mat. One iPad, one operator, 1-2 hours. Easy.

You Might be OK

If you’re at a Track or FloArena tournament, you might be OK. It’s easy to transcribe scoring from those platforms into Takedown — just find the scorebook online. Still, table scorers are focused on match outcomes, not scoring accuracy and, as such, there are plenty of “+1” and “+2” entries in the scoring transcripts. You can spend a lot of time trying to divine the meaning of a “+1” or “+2.” In addition, some tournaments only record match outcomes to Track or Flo, not scoring transcripts. And, finally, some tournaments don’t use digital scoring.

Get out the Paper

When Takedown isn’t an option, many coaches revert to paper score books and transcribe those results into Takedown at a later time, perhaps in between rounds or after the event. The challenge with branded paper score books is that they aren’t optimized for transcribing tournament results into Takedown.

Typical branded score books are designed to be durable as well as accommodate a wide variety of use cases. They are expensive ($15-$30), bulky (11” x 15”, 70-118 pages), complicated, crammed with info and cramped. For Takedown users, branded score books aren’t just overkill; their “features” are counter-productive.

Optimized for Takedown Users

When paper scoring is inevitable, we believe Takedown users deserve a solution that’s optimized for the task at hand. In that light, we developed a score book format and packaging specifically for Takedown users. The format is spacious, uncomplicated and instructive with an example scored bout on each page. Each score sheet is 8.5 x 11” on plain white paper stock and packaged as a 50 sheet pad, glue-bound on the long edge. At volume, these pads would be priced at less than $5 each, delivered.

Here’s a look at one of the scoring pads from the first shipment:

Tap or click on image to enlarge
(ignore the shadows on the photo — the page is white)

If you’re interesting in checking out this new paper scoring pad, let us know by sending a message to info@levelchanger.com or by tapping on the green support icon in the lower corner of your screen. As with any initiative we undertake for the benefit of the Takedown user community, we’ll listen to what you say and then decide what to do with this.

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