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Using Takedown in Middle and Elementary School -- When a Dual Meet isn't a Dual Meet

In some parts of the country, middle school wrestling is run according to strict NFHS rules : there are stated weight classes, all wrestlers must certify at a weight, weight management guidelines apply, and competing below or too far above your weigh-in weight is prohibited. In other words, these are rules that are second-nature to us. For those programs operating within strict NFHS rules, you would use Takedown for middle school dual and tournament scoring in the exactly same way as you do in your high school program. No change. In our area, however, middle school is different. What programs really want is matches and mat-time for their wrestlers, the more the better.

There is no weight certification and no prohibition on wrestling kids in different weight classes. Often a wrestler will wrestle more than one opponent in a dual, sometimes the same opponent twice, and sometimes the available competition is a teammate.  Weigh ins are sometimes recorded, often not.  In other words, the dual meet looks a lot like a pooled-weight tournament.

So how can Takedown help you score and manage this free-wheeling competition?  Set up your "dual meet" as a tournament!  Here's how we did it:

  1. During Installation, specify High School (NFHS) rules.
  2. In Settings, create a set of custom weight classes, if only to group wrestlers. This may be a set of weight classes starting at 50 pounds and ending at 150 pounds, by 5 pound increments. Give the custom weight classes a name that you will remember easily.
  3. In Schedule, create a Tournament for each of your events that won't be run according to strict NFHS dual meet rules.  If your event is a dual meet, but you expect to have more than one match per weight class or wrestle weight classes out-of-order or not have a bout in every weight class, then use Takedown's Tournament type Event.
  4. In Roster: find the person with the spreadsheet of all your wrestler names and import those names into Takedown. You don't need to type the name of all those Middle Schoolers!   Same goes for your opponent wrestler names -- get a spreadsheet with all of those names and import them into Takedown.
  5. In Event:
    • Set the entry reading "Certified Weight and Weigh In Required" to "No". This means that you have lifted all weight class related restrictions, and any wrestler can wrestle any other wrestler.
    • Select your custom weight class from Weight Classes
    • In "Weigh In", assign each of your active wrestlers to a weight class.  You can enter weigh in data, but it isn't required.
    • Set your "Consolation Bracket" period durations to the same values as the "Championship Bracket."  Or, if you expect having matches with shorter period durations, say for very young wrestlers or any other reason, go to Settings and define a set of custom periods under "Create Periods."  Use these period durations for Consolation Bracket.
  6. Match Scoring: if you didn't have time to get your opponent roster or you simply don't care to record the opposing wrestler's name, then tap "Select Opponent", "Add a Wrestler", "Team", add the opponent team name and short name, tap "Save" and then enter a dummy name for the opponent Last Name and First Name.  "Smith, John" works well.  Use this opponent name for all the bouts.  It's an easy and quick shortcut when you don't care (or don't have the time) to record the opposing wrestler name.

Now, you're ready to send your wrestlers out on the mat ! Just score the event as you would a tournament, and you will have all the flexibility needed to create match-ups on the fly.

Takedown Scoring and Stats is a single-team focused, mobile app for scoring wrestling matches, recording video, creating stats, managing teams and rosters, and engaging fans via social media. Download from the App Store.

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