Takedown Scoring and Stats

release 2.12.8 (9/1/2019)

  • In an Event with video, Manage Video appears to be broken. This is related to the Google issue below.
    Workaround: you can view the match video on YouTube or in Takedown, Roster, select the wrestler of interest and “Play Video.”
    Plan: investigating with Google.

  • Google changed their app permissioning system in the off-season. You might see a warning when logging in to YouTube with text that says “Go Back to Safety.”
    Workaround: proceed through the Google warnings and log in. Nothing’s changed with respect to the app’s use of your YouTube account.
    Plan: investigating with Google.

  • Twitter changed their credentialing system. We’ve made some changes to accommodate the change. If you discover any issues using Takedown with Twitter, please send a screenshot to support@levelchanger.com .

  • Adding a new opponent team when creating a dual meet event can cause a crash.
    Workaround: add the new opponent team in the Opponent Team section, not when creating the dual meet.
    Plan: fix in Fall release.

  • Offload app feature, available in iOS 11 and later, might cause disruption to your Takedown database.
    Workaround: in iOS Settings>>iTunes & App Store (on left)>>Offload Unused Apps (on right), disable by moving switch to the left so that it isn’t green.
    Plan: unable to duplicate, still investigating.

  • Audio drop out in recorded video can be caused by enabling the Scoreboard Buzzer.
    Workaround: turn off the Scoreboard buzzer
    Plan: no current plan

  • In Scorebook report, “copied” (transcribed) 1st period pins might not be underlined.
    Workaround: none
    Plan: no current plan.

  • OPC Upload — when adding a dual meet to your schedule on Track, select “Create Matches as Needed” to have the smoothest experience when uploading match results from Takedown. If you select the Track option which creates an empty match for each weight class, then you’ll need to delete those empty matches after uploading results from Takedown.
    Plan: no current plan.

  • App crashes when recording weight from Befour PS-6615 scale. (11/15/18)
    Workaround: Change transmission output format to ‘029’ (Weight Only). See detailed instructions here.
    Plan: will fix in future release.

  • YouTube playlists not created. YouTube limits each user account to ~25 playlist creations per day. This error will occur at season start and decline to zero as season progresses. Note that this doesn’t impact video uploads, just playlist creation. (12/13/18)
    Workaround: spread your initial uploads across multiple days to stay under the daily playlist creation maximum.
    Plan: working on a fix.

  • Double Forfeit All Remaining Matches prior to selecting a starting Weight Class prevents further scoring.(12/11/18)
    Workaround: always select a starting Weight Class before Double Forfeit All Remaining Matches.
    Plan: will fix in next release.

  • Uploading a video can fail with an error that says "HTTPStatus error 401."
    Workaround: verify that you've created a "channel" in your YouTube account.  See: www.youtube.com/create-channel
    Workaround: enable uploading in YouTube account, see www.youtube.com/my-videos  .
    Plan: no fix possible, YouTube requires a user do this manually.

  • If your YouTube account doesn't have a channel, you'll get an alert. If you "Cancel" this alert, the app will give you incorrect upload status.
    Workaround: Sign Out of your YouTube account in Takedown, Sign In again.
    Plan: no current plan to fix.

  • Custom thumbnail uploads of wrestler photo fails if YouTube account isn't "verified."
    Solution: verify your YouTube account at https://www.youtube.com/verify
    Plan: no fix possible, YouTube requires a user do this manually

  • When playing back YouTube videos from within Takedown, slo-mo is not available.
    Solution: using a desktop or laptop browser, go to your Youtube channel and view the video there. Slo-mo is available
    Plan: this is a bug in YouTube's software.

  • While recording a match, if you leave Takedown and go to another app the video recording will stop and you're resultant video will be "frozen."
    Solution: do not visit another app while recording video in Takedown
    Plan: no fix possible, this behavior is enforced by Apple for all video recording apps.

  • If you select "Delete Video" and then cancel, you'll get a geeky error message that says "Delete Error -- The video could not be deleted..." (7/30/18)
    Workaround: tap OK. It's a system message that's inadvertently presented.
    Plan: no current plan to fix.

  • Help>>Send Us Your Database doesn't work if the Apple email app is not installed and configured. (1/25/18)
    Workaround: install and configure Apple email app.
    Plan: no current plan to fix.

  • Apple bug: if you Share Season with the Apple email app, sometimes the email doesn't get transmitted unless you bring the Apple email app to the foreground. This is an Apple bug. (1/13/17)
    Workaround: after you Share Season, go to the Apple email app and make sure the email has been sent. Check the Outbox and Sent folders.
    Workaroud: use a more reliable email app or Share Season to a file sharing platform such as Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud Drive.
    Plan: none, this is an Apple bug.

  • Scoring more than one pin in a match will cause your stats to be inaccurate. (1/2/18)
    Workaround: re-score the match with only one pin.
    Plan: no current plan to fix.

  • Apple broke the Lightning AV adapter functionality starting with iOS 11 and it doesn't work with the Scoreboard feature. (11/12/17)
    Workaround: use an iPad 3 or iPad Mini 1 with iOS 9
    Workaround: Apple TV (or AirServer) works fine.
    Plan: none, this is an Apple bug.

  • Posting from Reports to Twitter using the image format can yield a low resolution image if the Report is long. (12/31/16)
    Workaround: try shortening the Report using filters and options or save the Report to Apple Photos and post to Twitter from the Photos app. (12/31/16)
    Plan: no current plan to fix

Takedown LIVE

release 1.3 (11/27/2018)

  • Scoring will disappear after swiping down from the top of the screen.
    Workaround: tap My Teams then tap Scores and the scoring will re-appear. (1/30/19)

  • Video “Play” button persists when video is unpublished (1/2/2019)
    Workaround: tap Settings, tap Scores to refresh “Play” buttons
    Plan: no current plan to fix.

  • My Teams Search can disappear. Force quit and restart the app and it self-corrects. (12/21/17)