Takedown Scoring and Stats

release 2.11.1 (10/18/18)

  • High schoool and middle school roster database is incomplete.
    Workaround: import a roster from a spreadsheet.
    Plan: we’re adding more states and rosters to our online database every day. Expect a nearly complete database by the Monday after Thanksgiving.

  • Uploading Weigh Ins to Trackwrestling might not work.
    Workaround: none
    Plan: Fix in next release.

  • App crashes if you Reset Descent Plan and there is no Certification Date.
    Workaround: add a Certification Date
    Plan: fixed in next release.

  • Uploading a video can fail with an error that says "HTTPStatus error 401."
    Workaround: verify that you've created a "channel" in your YouTube account.  See: www.youtube.com/create-channel
    Workaround: enable uploading in YouTube account, see www.youtube.com/my-videos  .
    Plan: no fix possible, YouTube requires a user do this manually.

  • If your YouTube account doesn't have a channel, you'll get an alert. If you "Cancel" this alert, the app will give you incorrect upload status.
    Workaround: Sign Out of your YouTube account in Takedown, Sign In again.
    Plan: no current plan to fix.

  • Custom thumbnail uploads of wrestler photo fails if YouTube account isn't "verified."
    Solution: verify your YouTube account at https://www.youtube.com/verify
    Plan: no fix possible, YouTube requires a user do this manually

  • When playing back YouTube videos from within Takedown, slo-mo is not available.
    Solution: using a desktop or laptop browser, go to your Youtube channel and view the video there. Slo-mo is available
    Plan: this is a bug in YouTube's software.

  • While recording a match, if you leave Takedown and go to another app the video recording will stop and you're resultant video will be "frozen."
    Solution: do not visit another app while recording video in Takedown
    Plan: no fix possible, this behavior is enforced by Apple for all video recording apps.

  • If you select "Delete Video" and then cancel, you'll get a geeky error message that says "Delete Error -- The video could not be deleted..." (7/30/18)
    Workaround: tap OK. It's a system message that's inadvertently presented.
    Plan: no current plan to fix.

  • Help>>Send Us Your Database doesn't work if the Apple email app is not installed and configured. (1/25/18)
    Workaround: install and configure Apple email app.
    Plan: no current plan to fix.

  • Apple bug: if you Share Season with the Apple email app, sometimes the email doesn't get transmitted unless you bring the Apple email app to the foreground. This is an Apple bug. (1/13/17)
    Workaround: after you Share Season, go to the Apple email app and make sure the email has been sent. Check the Outbox and Sent folders.
    Workaroud: use a more reliable email app or Share Season to a file sharing platform such as Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud Drive.
    Plan: none, this is an Apple bug.

  • Scoring more than one pin in a match will cause your stats to be inaccurate. (1/2/18)
    Workaround: re-score the match with only one pin.
    Plan: no current plan to fix.

  • Apple broke the Lightning AV adapter functionality starting with iOS 11 and it doesn't work with the Scoreboard feature. (11/12/17)
    Workaround: use an iPad 3 or iPad Mini 1 with iOS 9
    Workaround: Apple TV (or AirServer) works fine.
    Plan: none, this is an Apple bug.

  • Posting from Reports to Twitter using the image format can yield a low resolution image if the Report is long. (12/31/16)
    Workaround: try shortening the Report using filters and options or save the Report to Apple Photos and post to Twitter from the Photos app. (12/31/16)
    Plan: no current plan to fix

Takedown LIVE

release 1.2 (12/21/17)

  • Notifications not working (11/5/2018)
    Workaround: none
    Plan: fix in next release.

  • My Teams Search can disappear. Force quit and restart the app and it self-corrects. (12/21/17)