Takedown LIVE for iOS

release 1.3 (11/17/18)

  • Access and play match video

release 1.2.2 (1/5/18)

  • Better organization of results in Scores with expand (V) and collapse (^) feature:

release 1.2 (1/2/18)

  • Get notifications of bout start and final bout score. Use other apps and still know when action is starting or concluded. See Takedown LIVE, Settings. Be sure to allow Takedown LIVE to receive Notifications in iPad, Settings:

Release 1.1.6 (2/16/17)

  • Presentation improvements.

  • Tournament round and bracket (championship/consolation) for each match

  • Match clock, 5 second increments

  • In progress matches show winner before moving to completed

  • Team logos and colors

release 1.1.4 (1/17/17)

  • Background color for team label

release 1.1.3 (1/9/17)

  • Team logos

  • Match clock is updated every ten seconds when there's no action.

Release 1.1.2 (11/2016)

  • Improved results refresh to, typically, less than one second after live scoring event

  • Eliminated need to set a results refresh rate

Release 1.0.3
Available 12/6/15

  • Receive notifications of event and match start via Apple Notifications