Takedown Scoring and Stats

release 2.12.7 (feb 20, 2019)

  • Improved handling of low storage situation during video recording

RELEASE 2.12.6 (FEB 8, 2019)

  • On-device auto-backup for disaster recovery.

release 2.12.5 (jan 31, 2019)

  • Improved data security

Release 2.12 (Nov 27, 2018)

release 2.11 (Oct 1, 2018)

Release 2.10 (July 30, 2018)

  • Video recording, playback and cloud storage/sharing.
    See: FAQ

release 2.9.4 (2/20/18)

  • Scoring graphics overlay enabled for tournaments

release 2.9.3(2/12/18)

  • Prompt reminds user to turn on Takedown LIVE after Score Event.

release 2.9(2/5/18)

  • Upload your team logo and select background color for Takedown LIVE. See Social>>Takedown LIVE>>Edit Broadcast Info

  • Scoring Details now include decisions, defaults and disqualifications

releases 2.8.7 and 2.8.8 (12/17/17)

  • Some OPC Upload fixes

  • Bug fixes, eggnog, candy canes.

Release 2.8.6 (12/5/17)

  • Workaround for OPC Upload feature interference by NBC Sport's subsidiary Trackwrestling

  • Bug fixes, hot chocolate.

release 2.8.5 (11/29/17)

  • OPC upload problem fixed

  • Bug fixes.

Release 2.8.4 (11/20/17)

  • Bug fixes. Betterness.

release 2.8.3 (11/12/17)

  • Bug fixes, general goodness

release 2.8.2 (10/24/17)

  • Four point tech fall (college) implemented. (Note: this was a mistake, corrected in 2.8.5)

  • Bug fixes, performance improvements, miscellaneous goodness.

Release 2.8.1 (10/17/17)

  • Twitter fixed

  • Facebook live score posting feature removed. This feature is not allowed under Facebook's usage guidelines.

  • Bug fixes, performance improvements, miscellaneous goodness.

Release 2.8 (10/12/17)

  • Upload match results and weigh ins to OPC (hosted on Trackwrestling)

  • Bug fixes; Takedown LIVE works again!

release 2.7(10/2/17)

  • Scoring Video Overlay

  • Reports improvements

  • Bug fixes

Release 2.6.4 (2/21/17)

  • Bug fixes

Release 2.6.3(2/15/17)

  • Takedown LIVE presentation improvements.

  • Tournament pairings with round and bracket (championship/consolation) tags that are transmitted to Takedown LIVE and social media live results

  • Bug fixes, general improvements

  • Automatic reminder to download newest release.

release 2.5.2 (1/17/17)

  • Automatically posts to team Twitter account a Takedown LIVE download link if Takedown LIVE is enabled.

  • Other improvements in support of Takedown LIVE

Release 2.5 and 2.5.1(1/3/17)

  • More options for editing committed matches, e.g. changing weight classes, events, regulation to exhibition, exhibition to regulation.

  • New Stats: Match Points by Period

  • Small changes to Twitter live results. Separate event start post from 1st match starting.

  • College: improved end-of-match RT advantage scoring for college

  • Auto-post to Twitter a link to Takedown LIVE when enabled

Release 2.4.7 (12/12/16)

  • Easily re-assign a mis-scored match from one tournament to another.

  • Data sharing: shared Season file names now include the name of the iPad sending the data.

  • In a tournament, if you forget to assign a wrestler to a weight class you can do it later and that assignment will apply to all matches for that wrestler in the same event.

release 2.4.6 (12/6/16)

  • Shot Counter always enabled.

  • Scoreboard, college: riding time chevron more visible

  • Alert when iPad Settings (In App Purchases Disabled) prevent purchasing matches or subscriptions.

  • If you forget to assign a wrestler to a weight class in a tournament, you can add the weight class after the fact by Editing the Match. You have the choice of changing the weight class assignment for a single match or all matches for that wrestler.

release 2.4.5 (11/29/16)

  • Data sharing bug fixed

release 2.4.4 (11/23/16)

  • Minor fix to scoreboard team score colors

  • Team logos are no longer cropped; they are fitted into square area

Release 2.4.2 and 2.4.3
Available 11/11/16 and 11/14/16

  • Shot Counter and Shot Success Rate

  • Bug fixes to pairings and scoreboard

release 2.4.1
availabLe 10/6/16

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Release 2.4
available 10/3/16

  • Unlimited match scoring annual and weekly subscriptions

  • Historical rosters back to 2012

  • Buzzer test mode for Scoreboard

Release 2.2
Available 6/15/16

  • Pre-event pairing for dual meets

  • Exhibition matches, pre-event paired and "on-the-fly"

  • Flexible ordering of matches in dual meets

  • Double forfeit remaining matches in dual meets

  • Minimum Weight Class (from certification process) downloaded and displayed for Opponent Teams

  • Best guess weight class eligibility for My Team and Opponent Team wrestlers shown in pre-event pairing and during wrestler selection in Scoring

  • More options for managing Opponent Team list and Opponent Team wrestlers

  • League v. Non-League setting for Opponent Team

  • Improved Reports interface with filters for League, Exhibition matches

  • Improved format for statistical and administrative reports

Release 2.1.4
Available 1/26/16

  • Equipment Tracking report.

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Release 2.1.3
Available 1/14/16

  • Default for PIN button is disabled for the defensive (bottom) wrestler. This fixes a common scoring error where a fall is assigned to the wrong wrestler. A defensive PIN can still be scored with Override.

  • Improved Facebook integration (still not perfect, but better)

  • Improved notation for Choice on Restart (chevron replaces up arrow). Easier to read.

  • Social features can't be turned on if an Internet connection isn't enabled or working.

  • College: riding time advantage added to Twitter and Facebook posts

  • Team score is a separate post for Twitter and Facebook and is issued between matches

  • Other bug fixes, stability and user interface improvements

  • Box Score report (text) shows both formats favored by newspapers and in press releases

  • For dual meet tournaments, the Event Name is properly displayed in Takedown LIVE

Release 2.1.2
Available 12/18/15

  • Dual meet weigh in bug fix

  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements

Release 2.1.1
Available 12/6/15

  • Scoreboard improvements

  • Buzzer to signal period end

  • Notifications automatically sent to Takedown LIVE users

  • Fixes a Season import crash

Takedown LIVE for iOS

release 1.3 (11/17/18)

  • Access and play match video

release 1.2.2 (1/5/18)

  • Better organization of results in Scores with expand (V) and collapse (^) feature:

release 1.2 (1/2/18)

  • Get notifications of bout start and final bout score. Use other apps and still know when action is starting or concluded. See Takedown LIVE, Settings. Be sure to allow Takedown LIVE to receive Notifications in iPad, Settings:

Release 1.1.6 (2/16/17)

  • Presentation improvements.

  • Tournament round and bracket (championship/consolation) for each match

  • Match clock, 5 second increments

  • In progress matches show winner before moving to completed

  • Team logos and colors

release 1.1.4 (1/17/17)

  • Background color for team label

release 1.1.3 (1/9/17)

  • Team logos

  • Match clock is updated every ten seconds when there's no action.

Release 1.1.2 (11/2016)

  • Improved results refresh to, typically, less than one second after live scoring event

  • Eliminated need to set a results refresh rate

Release 1.0.3
Available 12/6/15

  • Receive notifications of event and match start via Apple Notifications