• When possible, use Pairings to pre-configure matches with wrestler names, weight class, bracket/round.

  • The Weight Class text at the top is tap-able. Use it to wrestle out-of-sequence weight classes, select Paired match-ups or create an Exhibition match on the fly

  • Icons in upper right show status for Twitter, Takedown LIVE and Scoring Graphics. The icons are tap-able.

  • Push wrestler names and other info to Takedown LIVE and Twitter by quickly double-tapping — start/stop — the match clock at the start of each period.

  • Score a BYE in a tournament by adding an Opponent Team called “BYE” with a wrestler named “BYE” and entering this wrestler as the Opponent. Score the match as a Default for the opponent. Keeps the Win/Loss record accurate if your chartering organization recognizes BYEs as Wins.