Penn State v. Michigan Dual Meet
January 12, 2018

In 20 minutes, we installed and configured Takedown Scoring and Stats for scoring the PSU v. Mich dual meet on 1/12/18. We watched the video feed and scored the event. Live results were automatically posted, score-by-score and in real-time, to Takedown LIVE. Here's the statistical output for this event, generated in seconds after the last bout, and without an Internet connection. That's right -- the stats are generated on-device so you don't need an Internet connection to get your stats. Might be an important consideration during a long bus ride (or plane flight) back to home base.


Score book

Standard presentation, circled first points, offset notation so that sequence is obvious, period-ending scoring, final result and team score. When challenged, officials pay attention to a clean, readable and reliable presentation of bout scoring. And they should! Takedown's scoring is rules-based, NFHS or NCAA, and does not allow for arbitrary +1 and +2 point additions that undercut the credibility of your score book. Can be signed on-device by the official and stored digitally for safe keeping.

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Scoring Detail

Outcomes and scoring types by wrestler. Can be combined across events or seasons. Tired of copy and pasting scoring data from a browser to somewhere else? The app offers a robust set of file formats -- image, PDF and, for spreadsheet users, CSV -- that are shareable via via email, text, social media or other channels from within Takedown.

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Box Score

Summary format makes it easy to see who won and lost. Includes team score for duals, event win/loss record and placement for tournaments. In addition to PDF, image and CSV formats, also available in the text format preferred by news outlets. Email this to your local paper within seconds of event conclusion.

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Short Time Scoring

Statistically, short-time scoring is perhaps the most reliable predictor of match outcome. This statistic is user configurable for 20, 15, 10 and 5 seconds. Like all reports, slice and dice the scoring data however you'd like -- one event, multiple events, all duals, all tournaments, multiple seasons -- it's your choice. Average Point Differential (APD) is a composite measurement of points for/against in short-time and a positive value -- higher is better -- is desirable. How do your wrestlers perform in short-time? Without this report, you're just guessing (or spending loads of time in watching video replay).

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Match Points by PerioD

Implemented at the request of a college coach to gauge period-specific effectiveness and conditioning. We often implement or revise our statistical presentation based on user feedback. As with all reports, narrow or expand the scope of inquiry to suit your needs. Wrestler and team totals.

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Riding TimE

Wrestlers need to get out from underneath. Sometimes, wrestlers need to maintain top position. Do you know how your wrestler is performing? Available for all programs, high school or college.

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Shot Success RatE

Coach: "You're not active on your feet."
Wrestler: "What do you mean? I shoot a lot!"
Coach: "Well, umm...but...I think...I remember...huh? OK, do some push ups."

How often are your wrestlers attacking on their feet? What's the conversion rate? Not easily known without Takedown Scoring and Stats. A shot counter is included in the scoring interface so that you can know, with the tap of a button, how your wrestlers and team perform. What's a shot? It's one of those recurring, endless debates. Doesn't matter what anybody else believes -- this is a tool for your team. No higher authority is going to give you the answer or regulate your use, and that's a blessing. Make it work for you.

Again, as with other reports, slice and dice the data to your liking. Want to see you team's shot success rate over the season? One tap, a few seconds. No Internet necessary.

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leader board

Tallying various stats for end-of-season awards or posting on the practice room wall is a ageless practice. Not very helpful for a single dual meet, but shown here for illustration. Currently, displays a rank-ordered list of between 5 and all wrestlers for eighteen measurements. We add additional measurements as users suggest. 

Wrestler Profile

Like leader board, not very useful for a single dual. Over the course of a season or career, it tells the wrestler's story and can inform coaching. If you need some help on choice or just want to know where you're wrestler is most effective, see highlights below. For a high school wrestler profile over the course of a season (actual data), click here.

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Additional reports include Win/Loss Record, Equipment Tracking, Roster and Schedule, none of which seemed relevant for this showcase event. For more detailed information, see Reports 101.