Takedown LIVE


What version of Takedown Scoring and Stats can post results to Takedown LIVE?

Takedown Scoring and Stats release 2.4 or higher.

How do I post scoring results from Takedown Scoring and Stats to Takedown LIVE?

In Takedown Scoring and Stats, on the Social page, first register your team. Registration is a one time event.  Next, turn on Takedown LIVE broadcast by swiping the enable switch to the right.  Confirm that your iPad is connected to the Internet.

How do I post a video recording with a match?

See this tutorial.

Is an Internet connection required to use Takedown LIVE?


What version of iOS is required?  

iOS 9 and higher.

What iOS devices are compatible?

Any iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini with a compatible version of iOS.

Can I install Takedown Scoring and Stats and Takedown LIVE on the same iPad?


My team uses multiple iPads for Takedown Scoring and Stats.  Can I use the same Takedown LIVE credentials on each iPad?

Yes, please use the same Takedown LIVE credentials on your iPads when posting for the same team.

As a Takedown LIVE user, how do I know which teams are available?

Tap My Teams and then the "+" in the upper right corner. The teams are listed in alphabetical order.


How much does Takedown LIVE cost?

Free to download and use.

Are there any other costs?

No.  As with any Internet-connected app, be aware of and monitor your carrier data charges.

Does it cost anything on the Takedown Scoring and Stats side to broadcast to Takedown LIVE?

No. The ability to broadcast real-time results to Takedown LIVE is available to all Takedown Scoring and Stats users for no charge.


Can I follow more than one team?

Yes, follow as many as you'd like.

For each team that I follow, how many matches can I view?

For each team, you can view up to 500 completed matches.

How will I know whether a match is ongoing or finished?

Ongoing matches are presented in the "In Progress" section.  Finished matches are shown in the "Completed" section which is arranged by team, event and time of competition.

Does the match clock update?

Yes, the match clock updates every second.

Does Takedown LIVE show team score?

Yes for dual meets, no for tournaments.

How quickly do results appear?

Typically within a second.

Does Takedown LIVE automatically fetch results?

Yes, Takedown LIVE is built on a real-time database.

Is "refresh results" required?

No. Results in Takedown LIVE are automatically updated. There is no need to refresh the results.

Can I get notified of upcoming events or matches for my followed teams?

Yes. Turn on Notifications for Takedown LIVE in iOS Settings.

Can I watch match video for “Completed” matches?

Yes. Look for the “Play” button next to the match.

Can I watch match video for “In Progress” matches?

Currently, no. Stay tuned.


Can any type of wrestling team publish results to Takedown LIVE?

Yes, any Takedown Scoring and Stats user can broadcast their match results to Takedown LIVE.

Is Takedown LIVE "official" in any sense?

No. The results in Takedown LIVE are purely for the benefit of wrestling teams and fans.

Are the results automatically uploaded to state wrestling associations or Trackwrestling?

No, we have no affiliation with state wrestling associations or Trackwrestling.

Who controls Takedown LIVE?

You do, the user of Takedown Scoring and Stats. We make the platform available and you control the content published to Takedown LIVE.

Can I ask that certain matches or events be removed from Takedown LIVE?

Yes, anytime.  Send your request to support@levelchanger.com

I've registered to use Takedown LIVE, but our results aren't posting. Why?

Typically, your iPad isn't connected to the local WiFi network or to cellular data (if your iPad has that capability).  Please enable WiFi (or cellular data) on your iPad. Another cause is that you haven't enabled Takedown LIVE in Takedown Scoring and Stats.  Go to the Social view, tap "Takedown LIVE" and slide the enable switch to the right.

How do I know Takedown LIVE is working properly?

In Takedown Scoring and Stats, in the Scoring view confirm that the small Takedown LIVE icon has a light green border.  If it has no border, Takedown LIVE isn't enabled. If it has a red border, Takedown LIVE is enabled but there's a problem connecting to the internet (check your WiFi).

Can I enable Takedown LIVE and Twitte live results posting simultaneously?

Yes. They all operate independently and do not impact Takedown Scoring and Stats performance.

Twitter is blocked on the gym WiFi network. Will Takedown LIVE be blocked, too?

No. If you can access a common web page (Google, for instance), then Takedown LIVE will go through.  Twitter is easily blocked by school network admins; Takedown LIVE is not.

Should I enable Takedown LIVE even if I'm copying from a paper scorebook?

Sure! Think of Takedown LIVE as a convenient place to present all of your match results to your fans.

The gym WiFi is spotty or doesn't work at all.  Should I turn on Takedown LIVE?

Yes. The app will keep your results in a temporary area and send them to Takedown LIVE when you next connect to the Internet.

I'd like to change the logo and background color for my team. Can I do that?

Of course, tap Social>>Takedown LIVE.

On Takedown Scoring and Stats, can I just leave Takedown LIVE enabled all the time?


In Takedown Scoring and Stats, what if I forget to turn on Takedown LIVE before the event starts?

You can leave the Scoring view anytime and go to the Social view to turn on Takedown LIVE. Tap Scoring to go back.

If I'm not the "official" scorer for a team or event, can I still setup Takedown Scoring and Stats and broadcast to Takedown LIVE?

Of course! For example, a fan scored the Midlands Finals, NC State v. Duke, NC State v. Nebraska and Ohio State v. Missouri this season.  Anybody can download Takedown Scoring and Stats, configure an event and broadcast the results to Takedown LIVE!