One Minute Upload to OPC Hosted by Trackwrestling

Typing results into the Optimal Performance Calculator (OPC) on Trackwrestling is tedious, time-consuming and prone to mistakes that can impact your wrestlers in seeding and post-season. Score your matches with Takedown and tap a button to upload your results quickly and accurately to the OPC on Trackwrestling. 

Easy Roster Management

Add your roster and opponent rosters into Takedown Scoring and Stats from our online database of more than 250,000 wrestlers and 9,000 high school, middle school and college teams.  Download entire states, it's OK.  You can also manually add wrestlers or copy rosters and schedules from a previous season.

Keep Track of your Wrestlers

Enter all the information you need to keep track of and communicate with your wrestlers.

Paperless Weight Management

Record and track wrestler weight without paper.  Wirelessly connect Takedown to your scale to record weigh ins, paper and pencil not required. Click here for more information.


Staff Contact Info

Add your staff -- coaches, managers, parent volunteers and more -- and send email or text messages to them from within the app. No more need to hunt for email addresses and phone numbers.

Track Valuable Wrestling Equipment

Sometimes, loaned equipment -- shoes, singlets, warmups -- doesn't get returned to the team.  With a single tap, know who has what piece of your team's wrestling gear.