Unknown Wrestler Problem

Often when scoring a tournament, the opposing wrestler name and sometimes the team affiliation aren't known when the whistle blows. Eventually, the wrestler and team are identified but right now you need to get busy scoring the match. The clock is ticking and that's not a metaphor.


For a tournament, the easiest workaround is to create a dummy team with one or more dummy wrestlers like this:

  • Season
    • Opponent Teams
      • ADummy Team
        • ADummy, Wrestler

[Note: the "A" in "ADummy" insures the team and wrestler appear near the top of the list when selecting an opponent. You can use whatever placeholder names you'd like.]

Whenever you don't know the opponent identity, just choose the placeholder team and wrestler name.  When the opposing wrestler and team are identified, change the Opponent wrestler name by going to the Match (Season>>Schedule>>tournament name>>Matches) and Editing the Opponent name.

Dual Meet

A dual meet is slightly different because only the wrestler name is unknown.  Instead of creating a placeholder team named "ADummy Team" as above, create a team with the correct name of the opposing team, e.g. "Washington High School."  Add a placeholder wrestler to this team:

  • Season
    • Opponent Teams
      • Washington High School
        • ADummy, Wrestler

Your Schedule will include a dual meet against this team, whatever its name.

Again, when the opposing wrestler's identity is unknown, select "ADummy, Wrestler" as the opponent.  After the match is over, change the name of the Opponent wrestler via Season>>Schedule>>dual meet name>>Matches.

IMPORTANT: if you value your stats (and sanity), don't rename the "ADummy Team" and any "ADummy, Wrestler" because that will cause unintended results.  Always go to the Match and swap the "ADummy" wrestler name for the correct name from the drop down list.

And there you have it -- the unknown wrestler workaround!