LevelChanger offers two mobile apps for digitizing your wrestling program:

  1. Takedown Scoring and Stats used by wrestling teams

  2. Takedown LIVE used by wrestling fans

Takedown Icon -- 300 x 300

Takedown Scoring and Stats

For wrestling teams.

Touch-based, error-free scoring
Match video recording, playback and cloud
Advanced, on-device statistical reporting
Zero-operator fan engagement
Robust roster, schedule admin
Paperless weight management
Exportable data

Compatible with iPad

Free trial. Download from the App Store.

Takedown Live Icon 300 x 300

Takedown LIVE

For wrestling fans

→ Real-time, score-by-score match results
→ Match and riding time clocks
→ Dual meet team scores
→Tournament round and bracket
→ Links to match video

→ Live and historical results
→ Follow multiple teams

Compatible with iPad and iPhone

Free. Download from the App Store.