Why Can't I Just Wing It?

On a state wrestling forum, one observer writes about Takedown:

You have to set up your roster in the program before you even start, there is no quick score function.

It is true, the user must set up a roster before any scoring takes place.  Indeed, the situation's even worse:  a wrestler won't appear as eligible for an event unless the wrestler in question is certified and weighed-in.  There is no 'quick score function', no way to wing it.

One might reasonably ask why we took this approach.  First and foremost, our goal is to generate a credible and consistent database from which a coach can access useful information.  Accomplishing this goal requires structuring the app so that fundamental data -- schedule and roster info -- is captured prior to generating scoring data.  There's some up-front work to do, but the benefit is cleaner, more helpful data so that "Joseph Smith, Union High School" is one instance of a wrestler, not multiple and confusing derivative forms like:

J. Smith, Union HS
Joe Smith, Union HS
Jospeh Smth, UHS

And, as you'll see by using the app, Takedown stores all of this textual information so that event and wrestler names are entered only once.  Creating next season's roster is simply a matter of de-activating graduating seniors and adding incoming freshman.  Shortcuts also exist for entering a new schedule and opponent wrestler names. 

Another goal we have is to make scoring as simple as possible.  For example, in a dual meet we limit the list of wrestlers eligible to compete at a given weight class by examining certified weight and weigh-in weight for each competitor.  This information must be entered into Takedown or the wrestler will not appear in the list of eligible wrestlers.  Have your score keeper ask the opposing team for their NWCA/OPC weigh-in form before each dual meet.

An additional ease-of-use example is second period choice and first weight class to be wrestled.  For dual meets, these two pieces of data must be entered prior to scoring the event.  The benefit is the scorer doesn't need to think at all about second period choice -- Takedown informs the scorer which team has choice in each match.

So, if you want to wing it, Takedown isn't well-suited to that task.  But, if your goal is making the scoring process as simple as possible and, at the same time, generating a consistent, credible database of scoring data, then try Takedown.  It does this very well.

See our Video Tutorials for examples of creating schedules and rosters, and entering day of event details.

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