User Tip: Copying from a Paper Scorebook

Can you copy results from a paper scorebook to Takedown?  Of course!  Often this is the only method for capturing all your results at a tournament when multiple athletes are competing simultaneously.  So, go ahead and transcribe your paper scoring results to Takedown to get a full statistical accounting of your team's performance. A few things to keep in mind when copying scoring from paper:

  1. START THE MATCH CLOCK, even if you're copying from a scorebook. Unless the match clock is running, the scoring buttons are not enabled.  You can enter the results as quickly as you want.  If you don't start the match clock and try to score the match using lots of sequential Override taps, the match can end up in a state that makes Takedown misbehave.
  2. Live or Copying Alert
  3. At match end, you'll see the alert below.  If you're copying scoring from a paper scorebook, then tap "Copying."  This action will exclude copied match scoring from statistical reports (Riding Time and Short-Time Scoring) that rely on timing information not available from matches scored on paper.
  4. Matches copied from a paper scorebook will have an underline ("__") beneath the weight class in the Scorebook, Box Score and Seeding Meeting Reports.  This is just a reminder that the indicated match wasn't scored live.
  5. Scoring from non-paused video is the same as scoring live.  If you don't pause the video, you won't get the alert shown above.  From Takedown's perspective, it's just like a live match.

The Christmas to New Year break is a great time for updating Takedown from paper scoring.  Any Sunday or Monday is a good time, too.  Not only will the coaches have a more accurate understanding of team performance, but the managers will be very happy when it comes time, at season's end, to tally up season stats.

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