The Chart for Every Practice Room Wall

How important are takedowns?

We looked at over 2,000 matches for 63 wrestlers from six high school programs spread across the country and found that scoring more takedowns than your opponent is highly correlated with having a winning season.  Each wrestler had a minimum of ten matches and we considered only varsity events.

Winning Percentage v. Takedown Percentage
Winning Percentage v. Takedown Percentage

Thirty wrestlers scored on average the same or fewer takedowns than their opponent per match.  Of these wrestlers, only three (10%) wrestlers had winning seasons.  In contrast, thirty three wrestlers scored more takedowns, on average, than their opponent per match.  Of these wrestlers, thirty one (94%) wrestlers had winning seasons.

The data supports what we instinctively know: takedown proficiency is critical to becoming a successful competitor.  Next time an athlete says "prove it!", just post this graph on the practice room wall!

Statistics courtesty of Takedown Scoring and Stats app users.

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