User Tip: Correcting Scoring Errors

Everyone, including us, makes scoring errors.  In general, these are the methods for fixing mis-scored matches:

  • For in-progress matches, use the Undo, Override and Start Over buttons.

  • For matches already saved to Takedown Scoring and Stats' database, go to the relevant Event's list of matches and Edit the mis-scored match.

Below are specific situations requiring error correction.

What if I make a scoring mistake during a period?

The Undo button in the center column of the Scoring view will erase the last scoring action. If you continue to tap the Undo button, you will clear all scoring up to the beginning of the current period.

How does Undo work?

The Undo button erases your last scoring action.  You can tap Undo repeatedly to undo all actions since the beginning of the current period.

While scoring a match, can I use Undo to change the previous period's scoring?

Yes, as long as you have not started the match clock for the current period you can use the Undo button to change the scoring in the previous period.  For example, if you've gone to the 2nd period but haven't yet started the match clock, you can Undo back to the first period and change the scoring.

the match I'm scoring has a lot of errors. Can I erase all the scoring and start over?

Yes.  In the Scoring section, tap Start Over. The in-progress match will be erased and you can re-score the match.

I entered the wrong wrestler name and started the match clock.  How do I fix that?

For the in-progress match, you can change the wrestler names any time during the match.  Tap the wrestler name and a list of available wrestlers will appear.

How do I delete and re-enter a scored and finalized match?  

To delete and re-score a finalized match, go to My Team>Schedule and tap the Event containing the mis-scored match.  Directly under the Event name, tap "Matches" and then on the right side, tap the mis-scored match.  Tap "Edit" and then "Delete Match." When you are finished, tap "Done" and then "Score Event" to re-score the match you just deleted.

If you delete a match for an in-progress dual meet, you'll have the opportunity to re-score the deleted match after the final weight class is scored.

I scored a match with just a few errors.  The rest of the scoring in this match is fine.  How can I keep a record of this match so that I can refer back to it for re-scoring?

Go to Reports and create the Scorebook entry for the mis-scored match.  Then, tap the Sharing symbol in the upper right corner (a square with an upward arrow).  Tap "Share PDF" and then:

  • Email yourself the scorebook entry; or

  • Take a screen shot of the scorebook entry; or

  • Save the scorebook entry to the iPad "Notes" app

For a completed match,  can I change an opponent wrestler's name or school?

Tap "Schedule", "Event", "Matches", tap the match in question, "Edit" and then tap on the element to be changed.   For a tournament, you can also change Weight Class, Event, Scored Live and Notes. 

What if something happens that requires me to use a greyed-out button?

Use the Override button in the center column of the Scoring view. When the Override button is pressed, all scoring events become active and can be used: Takedown is allowing you to enter any match notation, however questionable the entry may be.  Use Override sparingly.

I inadvertently scored a bunch of matches into the wrong tournament. Can I fix this?

Yes.  In My Teams, select the tournament and tap "Matches".  Edit the matches that should be in another tournament, tap on the Event Name and change it to the correct Event.  Note that Release 2.1.2 and earlier requires that the destination Event have at least one match, so just add a double forfeit to the destination tournament and delete it later.


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