Update: Digital Weight Management

Last fall we added to digital weight management to Takedown Scoring and Stats. Developed in partnership with Befour, a leading wrestling scale manufacturer, this new feature enabled paperless weight capture — either manually or via Befour’s bluetooth scale — and a variety of reports and graphs for tracking athlete weight.

During this past high school season (2018-2019), more than 150 schools used this feature to record 17,000+ weigh-ins. Of these weigh-ins, 75% were recorded wirelessly using Befour’s bluetooth scale.

Top five states for digital weight management:

  1. Virginia

  2. Ohio

  3. Wisconsin

  4. California

  5. Pennsylvania

And the top ten programs:

  1. Chantilly, Virginia

  2. Frederick High School, Maryland

  3. Saginaw Heritage, Michigan

  4. Middletown, New York

  5. Chilton High School, Wisconsin

  6. Garden City High School, Kansas

  7. Kirtland High School, Ohio

  8. Palo Alto High School, California

  9. Sulphur, Oklahoma

  10. Revere High School, Ohio

Not surprisingly, most weights were recorded early in the week:

Weigh In Recorded By Takedown, Percentage by Day of Wekk

This is an exciting and encouraging start for this new-to-wrestling capability. We will continue working with our partner, Befour, to enhance this feature and promote its adoption throughout the wrestling community.

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