Imposing Personal Brand Preference on your Team is Dumb

“I don’t do Apple” is the reason sometimes given for not using Takedown. When the final rankings of stupid coach statements is published, this one will be right near the top.

Personal Experience

I don’t do Apple either. I’ve never purchased a Mac or iPhone for personal use. I prefer Windows computers and Android phones and that’s what I buy.

So, I can understand “I don’t do Apple”

Great Tools Prevail

Apple announced the iPad in January 2010. I didn’t run out and buy an iPad.

Around the same time, as a pilot I’d been following a company promising to eliminate the reams of paper needed to legally fly an airplane(*). When that company delivered a well-engineered, comprehensive, reliable app for the iPad, I went to the nearest Apple Store, bought an iPad and downloaded this new flight planning app. My personal distaste for Apple products didn’t matter one bit. I needed to use that app for important work. The iPad was incidental to fulfilling this need.

Purple Mat Tape

Imagine that mat tape comes in one color: purple. At the same time, imagine that the head coach doesn’t like purple and proclaims “No mat tape. I don’t do purple.” Thankfully, mat tape isn’t color encumbered, but you get the idea. What on earth does a personal preference have to do with using the best tools for your team’s benefit? Not a thing. It’s childish and selfish.

Wrestling has Enough Challenges

Our sport has plenty of real challenges. Don’t let a personal brand preference get in the way of using the best tools available for the benefit of your team and the sport.

“I don’t do Apple” is bone-headed. Stop it.

(*) Coast-to-coast flight requires ~10 folding maps and roughly 10 chart books, each 1/2” thick. Piloting an airplane is one of the few activities more paper intensive than running a wrestling program.

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